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Nile -- mother of civilization; Africa -- origin of mankind
Gift of the Nile - KMT - Egypt

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Is Egypt's Army (after Morsi) a Force for Stability or Not?
(Is the American Administration Tacitly Encouraging the Egyptian Army?)

Taharqa was a pharaoh of the ancient Egyptian 25th Dynasty and king of the biblical kingdom of Kush (Ethiopia)

When the Pharoah's ruling dynasty was Black
informed christians

Nubia, at the edges of Egypt, which had off and on been controlled or occupied by Egypt off and on since the third millenium BC, asserted its own newfound power in a dramatic way, ruling outright from about 750 BC to 661 BC, and afterward surviving as as an independent Egyptian kingdom (Kush; capital Meroe) for a thousand years. Ethiopia, to the south of Nubia, controlled or occupied that region of the Nile for periods as well.

Nubians were much darker skinned than the Egyptians, so the Greeks called them Aithiopes

Vers le Sud

Never despise the land of Africa, the land called by ancients, the realm of the gods. It has long been believed that 'twas on soil now Egyptian where Moses received the Ten Commandments -- revered and honored by the adherents of three great religions of world history -- the religion of Jews, the religion of Christians, and the religion of Islam. And far back into distant antiquity, the Nile produced a civilization in some respects still never equaled.

See America's Founding - Pyramidology and the Great Seal. For a modern Muslim who both loves America as well as offers some hopeful criticism (which I believe is fair and timely), see Anouar Magid, A Call for Heresy.

Tehuti Institute. Never despise the land of Africa, of Mizraim, the Egypts, Cush and Ham, the "land of the South" as the Hebrew Bible sometimes says. Bin Yamin, son of the right hand. Moses himself had married an Ethiopian woman, and for doing so was attacked by his older sister Miriam. For more on Moses.

Origins of Civilization
According to Count C.F. Volney, Civilization originated along the Nile: It was the Ethiopians who were "the first who invented the science of the stars, and gave names to the planets, not at random and without meaning, but descriptive of the qualities which they conceived them to possess; and it was from them that this art passed, still in an imperfect state, to the Egyptians ... The first learned nation was a nation of Blacks; for it is incontrovertible, that, by the term Ethiopians, the ancients meant to represent a people of black complexion, thick lips, and woolly hair." for more on the Nile civilizations.

Ancient Egypt, Misraim as the rabbis called it -- the Egypts (plural). But in ancient times it was known as Kemet -- a name which literally means "nation of the black people."

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Wallis Budge
The Papyrus of Ani is a papyrus manuscript written in cursive hieroglyphs and illustrated with color miniatures created in the 19th dynasty of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

Egyptians compiled an individualized book for each person at their death, called the "Book of Going Forth by Day". This book is more commonly known as the Book of the Dead. It usually contained declarations and spells to help the deceased in their afterlife. The "Book of the Dead" for scribe Ani from Thebes is the manuscript called the Papyrus of Ani. (ie, The Egyptian Book of the Dead) Also, Tim Carnahan's Ancient Texts

Who are the Nubians?
Nubia is the homeland of Africa's earliest black culture with a history which can be traced from 3800 B.C. onward through Nubian monuments and artifacts, as well as written records from Egypt and Rome. In antiquity, Nubia was a land of great natural wealth, of gold mines, ebony, ivory and incense which was always prized by her neighbors. Significantly, the Nubians are believed to be the first human race on earth, and most of their customs and traditions were adopted by the ancient Egyptians [Diodorus; History, Book III: 2).. To the Greeks, they were known as Ethiopians and Nubia as the land of Punts, i.e. the land of gods. [Dr. Stuart Tyson Smith]

Cradle of Civilization
These east African (black) people were culturally advanced, influencing lower Egypt, whose capital was Memphis, the biblical Noph. From there, they pollinated not only the Levant, Phoenicia and Carthage, but Greece as well. At the apex of its glory, Egypt held sway over much of the known world. Herodotus called the Nile (Egypt) the mother of civilization. Molefi Asante writes that Plato was taught in Africa by Seknoufis and Kounoufis. Plato alluded indirectly when he notes, in the Timaeus, that a Greek aspirant to wisdom would visit Egypt for initiation into Mystery wisdom. But even before Plato was Pythagoras. He was a student in Egypt for several years. (cf. Herodotus, Diogenes, Laertuis.)

In fact, George James notes that the ancient Egyptians had developed a very complex religious system, called the Mysteries, which was also the first system of salvation. These were the seminal notions that, spiritually speaking, inseminated Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Thus we call Africa, "the mother of western civilization." See the writings of Yosef Ben-Jochanan.

Km (hieroglyph), km.t the name of ancient Egypt in Egyptian. KMT or kemet refer to black. English Egyptologists assumed that the blackness referred to the rich alluvial soil of the Nile valley, but such is not the case. The word actually refers to the first race of the Nile --- who were not merely swarthy, but kemet (black skinned) or "Negro." : The Ausar Auset of Ra Un Nefer Amen is a syncretic approach revived within the back to Afica or pan-Africanist movement (Black Nationalism).

Watch: The Divine Brides of Nubia

Zee Zetteke tells me
The Kushites or Nubians were an important part of the Egyptian civilisation ... To ensure Egyptian dominance over the Kingdom of Kush or other black civilisations, sons of their rulers would be taken to Egypt to be raised as Egyptian and later placed on the thrones of conquered or friendly black nations... After the decline of great parts of Egyptian civilisation ...

Black Pharaohs ruled what was left of the Egyptian realm in the 25th dynasty. But much earlier records state their importance as kingdoms and trading partners. There was a brilliant travelling exhibit here in the Netherlands years ago accompanied by a great book about the black Pharaohs... It is heartbreaking to see that now In the Sudan and elsewhere traces of that history are being destroyed by religious fanatics ...

BBC: Black Egyptian Origin of Civilisation

According to BBC World Service, one of the main academic proponents of the view that the ancient Egyptian civilisation was founded by black Africans was the Senegalese historian Cheikh Anta Diop.

"Ancient Egypt was a Negro civilisation. The history of Black Africa will remain suspended in the air and cannot be written correctly until African historians dare to connect it with the history of Egypt. The African historian who evades the problem of Egypt is neither modest nor objective nor unruffled. He is ignorant, cowardly and neurotic. The ancient Egyptians were Negroes. The moral fruit of their civilisation is to be counted among the assets of the Black world."
( Cheikh Anta Diop, taken from The African Origin of Civilisation).


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Anwar Sadat : Islam means making peace
anwar sadat
blessed are the peacemakers

The three Great faiths - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam:
is there hope for dialog? Anwar Sadat had faith to say YES!

Anwar Sadat said

Make peace a reality that blossoms and lives. Make hope a code of conduct and endeavor ..... I repeat with Zacharia: Love right and justice. From the holy Koran I quote the following verses: We believe in God and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the 13 Jewish tribes. And in the books given to Moses and Jesus and the prophets from their Lord, who made no distinction between them.

Salam Aleikum -- peace be upon you. [Anwar el-Sadat. 20 November 1977. Jerusalem]

Heading South

Hoda Kotb is Egyptian-American. In Arabic, the name "Hoda" means "guidance", and is very popular among Arab women. The last name "Kotb" means "pole", and is a common surname among Egyptians. However, the name is usually pronounced IPA: [kutub]. Although for a period during her career she spelled her surname Kotbe to aid pronunciation of her surname, she now uses the original form, Kotb.

Kotb is the recipient of a number of awards, including the 2008 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award and the prestigious Peabody Award in 2006 for her Dateline NBC report, "The Education of Ms. Groves."

The four-time Emmy nominee also won the 2004 Headliner Award, the 2003 Gracie Award, and the 2002 Edward R. Murrow Award.

Here is the GO RED FOR WOMEN site featuring Hoda (and Andie McDowell).

Here is the straight dope Who Burned the Great Library at Alexandria?

Here is Kevin RD Shepherd Dhul-Nun al-Misri - we are created for compassion - truly a saint of Islam

Here is an item on courageous Samira Ibrahim and the women's stand against Virginity Tests

Here is the Spirit of Ma'at site, a spiritual group in the USA with leader Cal Garrison.

Here is an update on Zahi Hawass, Egypt's larger-than-life "Indiana Jones" (controversial, unstoppable)

Famous Egyptians - Suzie Manley's overview through the ages -- notable Egyptians from ancient times onward

He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare,
And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere.

-Ali ibn-Abi-Talib
"A Hundred Sayings"

Echo of EternityAbraham Joshua Heschel:

That the return of the Jews to Palestine would prove a blessing, not only to themselves but also to their Arab neighbors, was envisaged by the Emir Feisal, who was a great leader of the Arab peoples at the Peace Conference following World War I. On March 3, 1919, he wrote: We Arabs . . . look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. Our deputation here in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organization to the Peace Conference, and we regard them as moderate and proper. We will do our best, insofar as we are concerned, to help them through. We wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home . . . I look forward, and my people with me look forward, to a future in which we will help you and you will help us, so that the countries in which we are mutually interested may once again take their places in the community of civilized peoples of the world.

[quoted by Abraham Joshua Heschel. Israel : An Echo of Eternity. Page 171-2]

Wisdom of Ancient Egypt
Established is the man whose standard is righteousness, who walketh according to its way - The Grand Vizier Ptahhotep of Memphis, Twenty-seventh Century B.C.

More acceptable is the virtue of the upright man than the ox of him that doeth iniquity - Instruction Addressed to Prince Merikere by his Pather, an Unknown Pharaoh of Heracleopolis, Twenty-third Century B.C.

Righteousness is for eternity. It descendeth with him that doeth it into the grave, .. his name is not effaced on earth, but he is remembered because of right - The Eloquent Peasant of Heracleopolis, Twenty-third Century B.C.

A man's virtue is his monument, but forgotten is the man of evil repute - Prom an Egyptian Tombstone, about the Twenty-second Century B.C.

The people of his time shall rejoice, the son of man shall make his name forever and ever, . . . Righteousness shall return to its place, unrighteousness shall be cast out - Neferrohu, Prophet of Egypt, about 2000 B.C.

O Amon, thou sweet Well for him that thirsteth in the desert; it is closed to him who speaketh, but it is open to him who is silent. When he who is silent cometh, lo he findeth the Well - An Ancient Egyptian Wise Man of about 1000 B.C.

James Breasted. The Dawn of Conscience. MORE

How did Muhammad get identified by name in the Hebrew Bible?

In Song of Songs (written by Solomon or Shlomo) Prophet Muhammad seems to be clearly identified BY NAME. Written long before later rabbis put in vowel points, the Song of Songs, verse 5:16, clearly names one Muhammad. Written in ancient Hebrew the man named clearly is written


Later rabbis put in vowel points, making the word an adjective, lovely, desirable, or handsome -- describing the beloved. The Shulamitess may be "owned" by Solomon (Shlomo), and assigned to his harem, but her heart belongs to someone else. She loves him, and waits for him. Christian interpreters claim the beloved is Jesus. But this verse identified someone named MHMD.


she loves BBC

BBC love The world must never forget: `Islam` has always meant peace
by Abdul Aziz al-Sheik, Muslim

Kevin RD Shepherd commentary on Egyptian Sufi Dhu'l Nun al-Misr
Considered the patron saint of the physicians in Egypt's early Islamic era
Credited with having specialized the concept of Gnosis in Islam.

An Egyptian man of letters Ali Salem exhorts Americans after 9/11
We stand with you, we suffer with you. (He excoriates al Qaeda and Islamist terrorism

Ancient Egypt: the black African origins of later Greek culture
by Philip Coppens

What if sacrifice, or suffering, can bring about eventual healing?
by M. Scott Peck, a Christian

Early Shemitic presence in Egypt (scroll down) Jews in Egypt

The Holy Family in Egypt, travelling up the Nile towards Nubia
Joseph, Mary, and their holy infant go VERS LE SUD deep into Africa

The Jews of Ancient Egypt - the known, the unknown, the unconfirmed
by Jimmy Dunn

"Deliver Us" - from the movie Prince of Egypt, sung - by Ofra Haza

The Israelite Exodus from Egypt - matching the Bible with archeology
(leaves Egyptologists perplexed) by Jimmy Dunn

Sharia Traditionalism gets a bad rap, lumped as oppressive and cruel
But we in the west can probably learn something from it

The Haven of the First Hijra (Migration): an African nation is the Muslims' first refuge
Ethiopia (Abyssinia) extends the shade of her mothering wings

King Negash (Negus or Al-Najashi) renowned for justice and in whose land human rights were cherished
Ethiopia provides asylum to fleeing Muslims

primordial prophecy

Did you know that Jews originated from black African tribes? Did you know that Jesus and the people of the Bible were black people? Did you know that the names of authors of the Old Testament are African tribal names? Did you know that modern Jews still carry tribal names. Did you know that the word Yisrael or Israel is itself etymologically an African word?

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