Proclaims: End the war against America's families. Advises to create checks and balances to rein in apparent societal neglect or poor control.

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CPS abuse - hurting families, children, parents
Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events,
and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.
    (Robert F. Kennedy)


When Children Lose

LINKS For Families and Children

On Behalf of Parenting America's 0ffspring

pro aris et focis

(for hearth and home)

What God hath joined together (families), no judge should naively, wrongly, lightly PUT ASUNDER.

Hear the childrens' cry

Vigilance and responsibility are the only safeguards of our nation, of our liberties.Never have these duties been more urgent for us as citizens than today, with skewed agendas running rampant. The artillery that scares them most is not parents' fury, but our simple confidence and faith. Not lawsuits alone, but most of all, an informed citizenry. Not lone ranger bravado, but ordinary parents and patriots - working together. And most of all, we need truth. So tell it. Educate for better Find a worthy ear to share with. Tell it straight. Tis worth the cost. End the cover-up. Hear the childrens' cry.

FAMILIES are essential for better cities, a better America
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Don't let tragedy defeat you - God, shine your joy
Lifting the veil
- a system Out of Control (fight to save our families)
Accusation - the ultimate weapon - "my parents (or the church) ruined me"
God makes families - CPS breaks families - your defense against CPS starts right here - be alert - protect your children
New Tyranny - the corruption of the Therapeutic State exposed before the International Community
Child Abuse Information - children's rights trampled by an unholy alliance of pseudo-experts and phoney do-gooders
Families Against Abuse Audrey Serrano and her friends have begun a network that might help
False allegations child sexual abuse - serious investigation into the harm caused by this virtual witch hunt
How CPS Works - reality, not platitudes. How do we make stronger families in our cities and country?
Parent victims of children's protective services - directory compiled by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Therapist complicity in the "kid-stealing" racket - a number of related links on this unholy alliance.
The Family and the Constitution in "First Things" - David Wagner's excellent, almost philosophical, essay
Dark Memory Lynching & other unwholesome American traditions [medinaerth on aol] racism, oppression, endurance
Victims and Adults Start Talking Child Abuse Defense Kit :: numerous north American resource addresses
Stealing Kids to muzzle parents a case of modern censorship right in America's heartland
False Allegations Barb Johnson's site :: highlights various child custody, divorce, and accusation issues
Parents Against Systematic Abuse of Children {PASAC} how the informant-snitch
Psycho Heresy Therapists pretending to be God :: the new idolatry :: if judges worship them who's a lowly citizen to doubt?
TAFA Texans Against False Accusations - if you live in Texas, the information on this site may benefit you much
Feminocracy and child abuse - if she is right, America has got a lot of waking up to do!
No Glass Ceiling Here Moms Reach For the Skies (humor and joy)
The Role of Women (our "better half") - should a feminine voice be heard, in politics?
Our family was worth saving Malcolm X: heartwrenching memories
When parents are victims (North America) Government abusing families, parents, and CHILDREN
falsely accused parents WEB RING - Parenting is not a crime. (let's work together to end this injustice)
Resist not evil - they acquiesced to the superior Power ... and cried
Are BOTH sides wrong about Spanking? - rebutting fanatacism whichever side it comes from
The Christines - a victim family in Oregon Let's not give up hope for Brian & Ruth and children
Cities Need Men - kids need fathers - where have all the black fathers gone?
"Profane Justice" American Family Advocacy website. Fairly comprehensive and definitely helpful
ABUSE EXCUSE get your ex by making up charges. Doesnt truth matter any more? [issues of divorce wars]
Creative Therapeutics Resources by Dr. Gardner, who was one of the early voices raised on behalf of victimized fatherrs
Ed Nichols' book, a veteran social worker, psychotherapist tells how to fight back (assisting the falsely accused nationwide)
Children`s Rights Advocacy MI hqtrs - do government agencies benefit the public (and children) or just themselves?
Government's Own GAO Audit Huge CPS problems uncovered - their solution: vastly increased budget
Families need Dads, too! - A black conservative speaks from his heartfelt faith about America's fatherhood crisis
Eley family of Indiana Heather tells their story {age 15} ~ isn't it the government that really abuses here?
Victims of Christian Counselling -- Rogers Case :: Steve Rabey exhorts the "helpers" to truly help
Paul Craig Roberts ~ distinguished conservative journalist calls for thorough investigation of CPS (December article)
KIDS RIGHT to their own parents - nice site with helps on behalf of good (real) families - but I found no links area
Dark is the Night - but never give up (inspiration and hope)
CPS Watch - Watching Our Nation's Child Protection Agencies & Workers [Sign Ups, Resources, Links]
Susan's little boy - kidnapped by Missouri child "protectors" - because mother had hard delivery birthing him
Androphobia (?) hating & fearing boys and men - exposing society's hidden agenda against males
Redeem the Dream - America's need: Men to Match Her Mountains (sentencing inequity and time for reform)
American Coalition for Fathers and Children - Kids need both parents - pro parenting, pro family, pro child
Anti- Psych - The New Emperor and his splendid clothes - he exposes religious delusion, but does he delude, too?
Anti-psychiatry Thomas Szasz Exposes Bogus Psych - this new priesthood that lays claim to your soul
Spotlight on Authority Issues - Neglected youth and America's need for good families. (Al Sharpton speaks out).
The family is the fundamental unit of society - No other success can compensate for failure in the home.
CPS taking children away Abilene TX : Jason Shepherd essay May 1996 Rutherford Inst.
Are these the last days? Mother Shipton's prophecy
Old Time Mothering - could it help in these times?


Don't let these oppressions continue. We look to you, Sir.

pray for our families

- Gentle Words -
- Gentle Touch -

- Ephesians 4 : 32

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Presidential Prayer Team

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The children are talking

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