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Don Sweaney - 07/11/99 21:39:45
My Email:don_sweaney@ccnmail.com
Locality: Tacoma
State/ Prov: Washington
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 50
Family, if any: Wife Bonnie, son Matthew,daughter Julie, and granddaughter Alexis
Faith, if any: Christian

It is wonderful how the Lord opens our eyes to the truth of His grace and forgiveness in spite of ourselves even when we are caught up in something we believe is true but is a product of mans sinful nature. Let us all learn a lesson from your testimony of God's grace and put to the test of scripture all claims that seem good on the outside but when compared to the Word fall short of God's plan. Yours in Christ, Don Sweaney

Jan Groenveld - 07/06/99 09:11:30
My URL:http://caic.org.au
My Email:jang@caic.org.au
Locality: Brisbane
State/ Prov: Qld
Country: AU
Approx. Age: 49 & some months!
Family, if any: lots of em
Faith, if any: Christian

I have your story on my web page under Spiritual abuse. You are to be congratulated for speaking out. I see you have me listed as a link .... maybeyou would like to put the correct link to the whole web page instead of one article ? God bless JanG

Wendy - 07/04/99 17:40:40
My Email:gooftroop376@yahoo.com
State/ Prov: CA
Country: US
Approx. Age: 15

Nice page! You must have spent a lot of thime on it. I have a page too it is www.expage.com/page/wendyleeann. There isn't much there but sign the guest book and givbe me ideas on what to put on it

Ralph Dettwiler - 06/23/99 19:26:36
My URL:http://www.iserv.net/~rdett
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State/ Prov: Michigan
Country: US

Just passing through and wanted to invite you to my sites too.

Sherre - 06/18/99 03:04:58
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/hi/sherre/index.html
My Email:sherres@webt.net
Locality: Louisville
State/ Prov: Ky
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 30
Family, if any: 3 Chidren

Hi there..You have a very powerfull website..There is just so much more for me to look at..I wanted to go on and sign yor guessbook befor I started to look agin...Thank you for having Me..Hugs Sherre

Berta Nelson - 06/18/99 01:50:34
My Email:berta_nelson@hotmail.com
Locality: Pueblo
State/ Prov: Colorado
Country: USA
Faith, if any: nondenominational

Hi, Just a note of encouragement to you. God is good and He wants more than anything to be number one in our lives so that He can bless us. He says in His word that the Government is upon His (Christ's) shoulders. As long as we trust in Him completely and ot in ourselves at all He will lead us in His righteous path. Proverbs 3:5&6. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understaning. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." God wants so much to bless us and He will as long as we are doing our best to put Him first in our every step in life. Jude 1:21, "Stay always within the boundaries where God's love can reach and bless you." Living Bible God Bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. In Christ, your friends, Berta and Arthur Nelson

Michelle Sawyer - 06/17/99 16:36:10
My Email:sku_ms@yahoo.com
Locality: west palm beach
State/ Prov: florida
Country: usa
Approx. Age: 15
Faith, if any: christian

i was touched by the story,i have seen so many of those stories and its so sad but it can easily happen, dont think it was all your fault, and im sure God has alreasdy shown u that,,,i will pray for u cuz i kno its probably a lot to deal with' God bless

Adrian Mathews - 06/16/99 09:05:58
My URL:http://www.iwr.com/christian/
My Email:webmaster@iwr.com
Locality: Northwest
State/ Prov: Oregon
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 37
Family, if any: Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters
Faith, if any: non-denomination

We would like to extend an invitation to all to come and exchange links with us so others can share in your website and while your there sign our guestbook. God Bless...

Rebekka Kjærby Johansen - 06/14/99 10:23:09
My Email:klit@web4you.dk
Country: Denmark
Approx. Age: 21
Family, if any: parents, sister, brother
Faith, if any: christian

I think it is important for people to understand that God uses doctors and that he uses other people to help us

Rita - 06/10/99 04:06:19
My Email:rkwn@hotmail.com
Country: Malaysia
Faith, if any: Evangelical Christianity

Thank you for sharing this page with me.

Kerry Alan Schlegel - 06/07/99 19:36:17
My Email:kaschlegel@yahoo.com
State/ Prov: Oklahoma
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 48
Family, if any: Single
Faith, if any: "Independent-Fundamental" Baptist

Things can and do happen to us that we simply do not understand. We will never understand why this or that was allowed to happen. But we must keep our eyes fixed on God, and not on things of this world. Someday God will reveal why He let this and that hap en in our lives. But til then, we must not question God, but continue to ask Him to increase our faith and trust in Him. Such a beautiful little girl that God took so she could be with Him! I will look forward to met your beloved little girl in heaven. My she is in such a better place! We also must remember that doctors are there for a reason. My mother refuses to see a doctor for any reason. We must visit a doctor when the need comes up. May we keep our eyes and thoughts "Glued" on God, til He takes us h me! Amen. In Christ, Kerry Alan Schlegel

Brian - 06/07/99 06:58:43
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/ky/penguin7
My Email:bbrain7@hotmail.com
Approx. Age: 28
Faith, if any: Follower of Jesus

Even though what has happened has happened a little while ago, I'm sure thoughts still come to mind of how she's doing. Just as you already know, she's enjoying a Life with Christ and His Kingdom waiting for the rest of her family to join her. Death of loved one is hard - we'll all experience it. But, death isn't always the end of the greater good which is to be with Christ. I praise the God in Heaven that your Faith is strong and this encourages me to continue to look up and not at my self. Luke 1: 7 is a reminder that I'm not in control of this life, but God who knows all things has the power to take someone like me to His Home in Heaven...the same power He used to bring your daugter safely Home with Him. Take care with all you do and God Bless y u always! --brian

Ron Parker - 06/07/99 06:26:02
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/napavalley/1145
My Email:ronp@interx.net
Locality: Napa
State/ Prov: Ca.
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 29
Family, if any: 1 Daughter
Faith, if any: Christian

Awesome testamony! I'm so thankful you were able to see the "Truth" and be free. I would like to add this testamony to my "Reading Room" if that's ok with you. Please let me know. In Christ, Ron

GOOD NEWS, Inc. - 06/07/99 05:08:04
My URL:http://www.goodnewsinc.net
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Faith, if any: God is ALL!

Hi! I am here looking for members of my FAMILY and you are one of them. We are so many that our numbers extend into Heaven. You are not what you seem to be and human nature is not your true nature. Please follow me Home and I will tell you all about i ! It is Heaven! Ah! Sweet Heaven! Your Home, because you are a child of the Most High God ... created in His image and likeness. You are immortal! You are a spirit stuck temporarily in a clay body, but you will rise and fly Home like all human beings h ve done before us. Like a worm in a cocoon eventually becomes a butterfly, we dwell in a clay cocoon. After "three score and ten years" or so, we fly away "drawn" to Heaven by our loving Father. Guess what? God "shall lose nothing"! ... not one human shee ! ALL RISE to the feast of love, many and indeed MOST as "prodigal sons"! Do you want to know more about your "certain eternal life" and your angelic heritage? Join me at http://bwam.com/heaven. You are more than welcome as a beloved angel (male) or "virt e" (female, correctly speaking) and member of the household of our Creator-Father God! Who is El Shaddai meaning "the breasted one"? She is God's Wife and YOUR Mother! Visit Mom at http://bwam.com/wisdom. You made a significant start … just by being human If you don't find me at Mom's Place, I also hang out in the END-zone, http://bwam.com/omega. That is where YOU can learn your alpha-point in time and space! "GOOD NEWS"

Judy Mix - 06/07/99 03:37:45
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Bluffs/5274
My Email:judymix@worldnet.att.net
Locality: Mesa
State/ Prov: Arizona
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 59
Family, if any: yes
Faith, if any: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

I am truly sorry for your loss. I lost my beloved husband 1 1/2 years ago from cancer. He had a brain tumor, and he went quickly. My faith in God has been a tremendous help. I KNOW that I will see him again in the next life. We have been sealed for Time a d Eternity, and we will still be husband and wife in the next life. My faith also teaches that our children will still be part of our family, and I KNOW this is true. Any missionary can teach you about the gospel, but it is the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit t at witnesses to our hearts about the truth. Truth is light and knowledge, the Light of Christ. Christ is our older brother, and He is definitely my hero! I love Him with all my heart. May peace be with you.

Bill MacDonald - 06/07/99 00:36:13
My Email:birumac2@mail.dewa.or.jp
Locality: Shimojo-machi
State/ Prov: Yamagata
Country: Japan
Approx. Age: 30
Family, if any: wife, no kids
Faith, if any: Christian; The Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God

What a sad way to learn that God is sovereign and uses even the things of the world to bring healing and help to us. Trusting in His mercy and grace means that we trust also in His ways of providing for us. May the Lord give us all the grace to trust in H m as we ought, enabling us to live in the world, but not of it. May the Lord bless you as you spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mary - 06/05/99 20:08:55
Locality: Houston
State/ Prov: TX
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 26
Family, if any: Husband and pets, no children
Faith, if any: God, not religion

This is a great page to set out warning to others who may be stuck in a Cult. I think you did the best you can as parents and did NOT fail your daughter. I think she may have been a sign, to tell you something was wrong, her purpose in life was to teach you this lesson and once you learned she was taken home. Now you can use this lesson to teach others. You are good people, good parents. Don't doubt yourselves.

Elisa - 06/03/99 20:27:03
My Email:rev_mookey@hotmail.com
State/ Prov: Suffolk
Country: England
Approx. Age: 17
Faith, if any: Christian

This page is a great reminder of the Love of Jesus. I'm glad you are able to do this kind of thing. Love in Christ, Elisa

Mary Dahl - 06/01/99 21:50:21
My Email:maary_dahl@hotmail.com
State/ Prov: bc



Grace Ang - 05/31/99 10:50:24
My Email:butter_starlite@mail.excite.com
Locality: Singapore
State/ Prov: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Approx. Age: 20
Family, if any: yes
Faith, if any: Christian

I'm sorry to hear that you've lost a precious one as a result of believing in the "wrong" thing. I think that god has a in built "alarm" which tells us which route to take when you're in a dilemma. Exercise that wisely. No "normal" religion tell people to move to a certain place so as to avoid the "world". We are all given the freedom to choose & etermine our lives. Just live your life the way it should be now. A normal church will tell its believers to spread themselves amongst the unbelievers so as to bring the latter to God. I sincerely hope that you've gotten over your loss & lead a meaning ul life.
God bless you.

Jennifer - 05/31/99 04:36:32
My URL:http://homestead.alloyonline.com/jen6/index.html
My Email:Jennifer_Johns@hotmail.com
Locality: Richfield
State/ Prov: Kansas
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 17 (almost 18)
Family, if any: Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins
Faith, if any: Christian (Methodist) The important thing is Jesus! :-)

I was surprised to see the e-mail from you guys, and I can't figure out how you got my address. However, I am sooooo glad I received the e-mail! Your story really touched me! I have heard sooo many stories about similar situations, and I think it is so oo sad! I am praying that God will open people's eyes to the real and right faith! Thank you SOOO much for sharing your story! Jennifer

Heather - 05/29/99 21:44:31
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/ar/rondovision2
My Email:heatherondo@webtv.net
State/ Prov: Arkansas
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 29
Family, if any: Husband
Faith, if any: Born again christian

I believe God can heal ou in faith, but sometimes that healing means he grants it thru doctors... i have a undiagnoised fatuige disorder and possiblly lynphedema... i have been criticized for supposedly not preaying for healing or in faith ( which i have and i have felt very sure that will come once i can afford the testing again.. we have limited funds since i can not work) and even been told its all in my mind since i havent ben healed yet!!! some ppl do not want to here what i have peace about ( t at it will be healed via a doctor in the near future) and in the mean time they neglect to seei am in pain and have a difficult time liveing with this as it is and they make it worse...i feel bad for this family becaus ethey , in seeking God, lost a child because they listen to what man interjected into Gods word, which is something we all, regardless on denomination or religion, need to be carefu of.

jon randel - 05/28/99 15:49:03
My Email:JonSRan@webtv.net
Locality: North
State/ Prov: Idaho
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 11 1/2
Family, if any: 4 brothers, 3 sisters
Faith, if any: Christian


Jackie Kulick - 05/25/99 23:11:37
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/4408
My Email:jkulick@hotmail.com
State/ Prov: Florida
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 33
Faith, if any: Faith in God.

I thank you for inviting me to your page. I had a friend who's neighbor's little girl died of cancer. Her parents wouldn't allow her to be treated by doctors, due to their religion. I honestly believe that "sometimes" God heals through prayer, but also be ieve he allows doctors to heal also. I have seen doctors make mistakes. That is part of being human. But I have also seen a doctor take one of my daughters and reshape her deformed chest, which was causing her heart not to function correctly. I have seen octors heal my other daughter of two disslocated legs. They have cured two of my daughters from pneumonia. That's just my children. Imagine how many other children have been helped by them. Though I have been angry at doctors for the mistakes they have ma e, I also thank God for them. I thank God for you for sharing your story to help others. GOD BLESS. JACKIE

Ashley - 05/25/99 20:03:29
My URL:http://www.yahoo.com
My Email:godisthebomb@yahoo.com
Locality: ----------
State/ Prov: NC
Country: ----------
Approx. Age: 14
Faith, if any: evangal

I am so sorry about Debbie, but I belive that God has a meaning for everything and he was trying to tell u to believe other wise but you just didn't listen. I am 14 and have raised my self. My mom doesn't care about me, and I don't live with my dad. I am ow might be moving away from my mom so I can finish my life. I always fight with her and I need to get closer to her than farther away. I think this is best I see that u and your daughter had such a close relationship. Well I wish I had a relationship lik that with my parents, but that is what I am trying to do now. Well I goto go for now, but write me back if u can. God bless You whole family, and yourself. -Ashley | | |___|

Thomas - 05/25/99 13:28:35
My URL:http://List.to/TheLoser
My Email:DyslexicDog@hotmail.com
Locality: sedville
State/ Prov: MO
Country: United States of Amerigommorrah
Approx. Age: 18
Faith, if any: Christ

I am a firm beleiver in the healing hand of God, I've seen the results of fiath, but I'm also a firm believer in taking care of yourself and if this "church" was encouraging this family not to go to the hospital for help then obviosly there was something wrong with the church. I'm sorry for the loss and I pray that the Lord is still on thier hearts in this time.

Bob - 05/24/99 21:12:30
My Email:bobware@hotmail.com
Locality: Ohio
Approx. Age: 64
Family, if any: yes
Faith, if any: Believer

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Bob - 05/24/99 20:59:10
My Email:bobware@hotmail.com
Locality: Ohio
Approx. Age: 64
Family, if any: yes
Faith, if any: Believer

Dear Friends , I have not read all your site yet as it is very vast in scope. But I have been there and By the Lord set free. I pray your healing is complete , however if not , it does take considerable time. My heart goes out to you and I will be sending another e-mail with a request on it. I also will agree in prayer that the hurt you suffered , and Debbies life, will be turned into multiplied times over of deliverance for other souls captured in the throes of perhaps well meaning , but terribly , misinf rmed (so called)pastors. God Bless you , for this site. Bob

Richard Pot - 05/24/99 10:54:51
My URL:http://www.bigfoot.com/~repot
My Email:repot@iname.com
Locality: Orangeville
State/ Prov: ON
Country: Canada
Faith, if any: Canadian Reformed Church

Comments: Thanks for visiting my web site.

Barry Post - 05/24/99 07:41:13
My Email:post@uniserve.com
State/ Prov: BC
Country: Canada
Approx. Age: 40
Faith, if any: Canadian Reformed

It was a hard Lesson for you to learn.But I praise God that I can see by you comments your Faith in Him has Grown.This is truely the Grace of God. We to Homeschool ( for differant reasons ) We will Pray for the Lord to guide all his own, and to bring them all to himself.


Mary Cuthbertson - 05/24/99 05:30:37
My Email:mcuthber@postoffice.utas.edu.au
Locality: Launceston
State/ Prov: Tasmania
Country: Australia
Approx. Age: 21
Family, if any: Dad, Mum, Older sister, younger brother and grandma
Faith, if any: Christian (a bit charismatic)

Sometimes it is hard to know what to do. You have learnt the hardest lesson of all and have lost someone you held so dear to you. I agree that science and doctor's are here for a reason and it is possible to pray for healing (and be prayed for) whilst st ll undergoing treatment from the doctor. God is a healer, but sometimes He chooses not to heal miraculously. Have faith in His healing power but use also the resources which He has provided here on earth for us (doctor's etc.)It is too late for Debbie n w, but God will heal your wounds in the future if you trust your life into his care. Beware of cults and sects which steer you away from the real world, instead find a church family with a well known base. Maybe, Anglican, Baptist or Uniting church. I m not the expert, I have not suffered as you have and you may not agree with me, but cast your cares upon Jesus for He cares for you.

RACHEL DHILLON - 05/23/99 04:04:52
My Email:amritdhillon@yahoo.com
Approx. Age: 25

I can't imagine the pain you guys are going through, but when I read debbie's story it reminded me of Rom 8:37 and Rev 12:11. I hope more people out there will come to hear of this testimony. Hang in there guys, Jesus loves you and is with you. Believe that Debbie couldn't be any more safer than where she is right now and someday all you guys will meet her there in the Father's house. My prayers are with you. May God bless, strengthen and keep all of you in his precious sight for always love, joy and peace in Christ from the far east ......... RACHEL.

Tracy Dotson - 05/23/99 02:04:03
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/wv/firstnamesinc/index.html
My Email:tadot@eastky.net
Locality: Edgarton, W.Va.
State/ Prov: w.va.
Country: usa

very nice looks like you put a lot of work into it hope to see you at my webpage soon have a great day

Anna - 05/23/99 01:56:16
My Email:anna@chickmail.com
State/ Prov: victoria
Country: Australia
Approx. Age: 18
Family, if any: lots
Faith, if any: christian

Very touching page.

Tess Leonard - 05/22/99 14:26:42
My Email:Tesstimony@msn.com
Approx. Age: 33
Family, if any: yes
Faith, if any: a born-again Christian

Hi: I am sorry for your loss and understand your desire to warn others. However; I intercepted this message because it was sent to my 9 year old son. While I believe that it is important to share this type of information, I don't believe in random selection of individuals to receive it. I know that cults exist and we certainly need to be aware. I am thankful that our Pastor encourages us to look into the Word of God for ourselves to see if the things that he teaches are truth or error. Also, agreeing to disagree is perfectly acceptable a d does not need to be divisive. I will pray for you that the Lord heals your heart and gives you a greater understanding of His personal, loving character. Because of Grace, Tess

Daniel Vrana - 05/22/99 01:47:47
My Email:xx1peter3_11xx@yahoo.com
Locality: Austin
State/ Prov: Texas
Country: United States
Approx. Age: 19
Family, if any: 3 sis., 1 bro.
Faith, if any: Yes-->Jesus

Hello Saints I received a forward of your website from my brother, and I was touched by your account of your Christian testimony. As for myself, not having lost a daugher or a sister, I can not begin to imagine the maturity you have grown into Christ's life to be abl to handle the death and a life changeing revelation. Truely, you have the Father's careing and guiding hand upon you. I hope your website continues to be a blessing and moving testimony to those in simular circumstances and a reminder that God cares for his children. Under faith I put "yes", because I am a Christian and I hate being seen as a mere denomination (of which, is Southern Baptist). Your Brother in Christ Daniel

Ken Pangborn - 05/19/99 11:03:49
My URL:http://www,a-team.org
My Email:pangborn@a-team.org
Locality: Palm Harbor,
State/ Prov: FL
Faith, if any: Catholic

Take a look at our web site http://www.a-team.org, there IS competent help out there!

Andrea - 05/18/99 05:24:58
My Email:opieland@aol.com
State/ Prov: MI
Country: usa
Approx. Age: 32

I have just visited the web page of your daughter Debbie and was touched, I am an adult college student in the class medical law and ethics and was doing research when I came across your page whatever biases I may have come with now are gone and I would ike to know how you feel as parents who have faced this issue from both sides now, regarding the ethics of this issue perhaps nothing I have come across means more than this, I would appreciate any help that you could provide Sincerely, Andrea opieland aol.com

Glenna Lee - 05/17/99 15:46:13
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/ok2/glennalee
My Email:glenna_l@hotmail.com
Locality: Muskogee
State/ Prov: Oklahoma
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 16 this June
Faith, if any: Christianity (Baptist)

I'm so sorry abou Debbie. If only I could help. My prayers are with you. With Love,

Johanna Pershing - 05/17/99 10:03:55
My Email:myrtis@fidnet.com
Locality: richland
State/ Prov: missouri
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 25
Family, if any: live with parents
Faith, if any: southern baptist

I was sent url . I find it most interesting am allso touched bye it, too .

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