U.S. President Barack Obama honours PEPFAR Africa Aids programme
during visit to the world's poorest continent -- praising predecessor work.
Obama Lineage - east Africa Start you-tube: President Obama Victory Song


Patrilineal ancestry of

Barack Hussein Obama

Based on Peter Firstbrook

The Untold Story of an African Family by Peter Firstbrook

President Obama praises PEPFAR,
healing gesture - AIDS programme

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b 1624?


b 1655?




b 1713?






b 1802?


b 1833? Kendu Bay


b.1864? - 1935?
m. Nyaoke


m. Habiba Akumu




b 4 Aug 1961 Honolulu

Hussein Onyango Obama left the Luo homeland in western Kenya, and during the great war period lived variously, but most of all in Zanzibar. He converted from Christianity to Islam and took the name Hussein. When he returned to his people after some six year's absence, his family were shocked that he was still alive, but were also offended at his apostasy from the family faith (Seventhday aventist) See more.

Barack Obama Senior, son of Hussein Onyango and father of the American president, was a bona fide genius, intellectually. Known as a highly gifted youth in otherwise poor surroundings, the first Barack was given the best education that his poor family could provide. But like father Onyango, young Barack was stubborn (despite his brilliance). When the two clashed, Onyango was ruthless, a stern and brutal disciplinarian. In later years Barack continued to excel, proving himself a veritable mensa, or in youthspeak, a "brainiac" -- studying econometrics at Harvard. But he had an irascible temperament, perhaps dogged by the harshness of his upbringing. As a father for the future president, he was largely absentee.

The white woman:

Barack Obama SeniorIt was Barack Obama (1936-1982) who turned a cold shoulder to his father's courageous conversion to Islam, took a scholarship to Hawaii, then married a white woman. He was every bit as much a rebel as his father had been. A veritable Mensa, he channeled his genius into the cerebral realm of econometrics. In addition to his mathematical intellectual gifts, he was also highly ambitious -- ultimately sacrificing both wife and infant son to his own academic career. The white woman, Stanley Ann Dunham, in fact never set foot on Kenyan soil (or indeed Africa) -- it would have been extremely unsafe for her to be in Kenya during the early 1960s. Tribal warfare between the Kikuyus and the Luos was raging in Kenya at the time of her pregnancy. The ethnic warfare erupted in the immediate aftermath of the Mau Mau uprising against the British colonialists. There's no way that Barack Obama Sr., a Luo, would have dared to bring his pregnant white American wife to Kenya at the time, knowing full well that her safety -- and that of their unborn son -- would have been in grave jeopardy.

In fact, the president's mother did not leave the United States until 1967, when she moved to Indonesia to live with her second husband, geographer Lolo Soetoro. (She divorced the senior Obama in 1964 after she learned that he was married to another woman in Kenya). He had temporarily left her and his small son when he won acceptance (a prestigeous honor) to the econometrics program at Harvard University, a personal ideal of the gifted mathematician and economically oriented genius, who has been called a brainiac, a mensa, a black Einstein.

But to the young Barack, he was also an absent father, and a husband who bailed out on his marriage.

An ancient people:

The Luo (also called Jaluo and Joluo) are found in the western part of Kenya in the well known Nyanza province. They are the second largest ethnic group in Kenya. They are found on the shores and hinterland of Lake Victoria. Kin groups of the Nyanza Luo are found spread far and wide into Uganda and southern Sudan, from where Kenya's Luo migrated some hundred years ago. The Obama clan, mostly Seventhday aventist, are found on both sides of the inlet known as Kendu Bay.

Nairobi Skyline
"Green City in the Sun"
Nairobi Kenya
along the Great Rift Valley between Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro

Barack Obama's maternal family tree

Presidential heritage: Genealogies of Presidents

Washington to Clinton: Genealogy of U.S. Presidents

Quirks of genealogy: presidential pedigrees

Accusations against Obama : The truth is oh so simple

Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu
[Oh God of all Creation]

Famous White Kenyans

  • Jessica Posner - Jessica is the co-founder and director of Shining Hope for Communities
  • Chris Froome - championship cyclist and leader of the Team Sky
  • Richard Dawkins - award winning evolutionist and science author (now UK)
  • Peter Hain - liberal UK politician (born in Kenya), anti-aparteid in South Africa
  • Beryl Markham - bush pilot, adventurer, racehorse trainer; the Amelia Earhart of east Africa
  • The Leakey family - paleontologists, archaeologists, paleo-anthropologists
  • And then, of course, there's Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke, the famous author of "Out of Africa"

Don Shannon - FFMWO
Don Shannon: a voice of justice: ffmwo

Whither Africa?

Cry for Justice

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Our Sexy First Lady

Michelle Obama

  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   Sexy First Lady
Michelle Obama : MORE magazine : letting her light shine

If it's somehow inappropriate, offensive or in any way wrong to call the First Lady of the United States sexy ... we apologize.
( thehollywoodgossip )

Jezebel says:
Michelle Obama’s Prom Picture Is Pretty Damn Sexy

Michelle Obama is so cool that not even her prom picture is embarrassing. Yes, it's a little risque (avert your eyes, Sasha and Malia), and it's definitely of a certain fashion era—as is that ahhh-mazing wicker chair—but all things considered she looks damn good for a high schooler. The picture was unearthed by Ellen DeGeneres, who brought it out in an effort to stick it to Michelle after Michelle beat her at a push-up contest in February. Of course, in the end Ellen's prom pic (as you can see in the below clip) was the more humiliating of the two. It just goes to show you, when it comes to fashion and fitness, Michelle is called the First Lady for a reason.

Style-ite says:
Michelle Obama’s style can probably be best described as casual with a twist, with looks that are always relatively demure and covered-up. But it turns out she had a bit of a saucy streak once upon a time as well.

huffpost says:
This will come as a surprise to approximately no one, but Michelle Obama was a total babe in high school.

Jack Tripper (on yahoo) says:

Michelle Obama could be 'Hottest 1st lady ever'

First Lady Michelle Obama

Rachel Roy, a favorite designer of Michelle Obama

Fashion Footwear Designer Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy's first job in fashion was at a Contempo Casuals clothing outlet in her hometown at age 14. After college, she came to New York City, where she worked as a stylist for magazines and music videos. She became an intern at the urban fashion line Rocawear, where she rose to become creative director of the women's and children's divisions and also met her future husband, Damon Dash. In 2005 she launched her own eponymous fashion collection.

In early 2006 Roy received a Bollywood industry award for her contribution to American fashion. Roy has also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In 2007, Roy was inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Rachel has also seen publicity through the teen market, including at Teen Vogue magazine. In their April 2009 issue, Rachel does a “how-to” where she transforms a regular t-shirt into a punky prom dress.

In June 2008, Jones Apparel Group formed a joint venture with the Rachel Roy brand.

Favorite of the American President's Wife
In August 2009, Roy launched The RACHEL Rachel Roy collection, an affordable diffusion line of sportswear, shoes and accessories. The label "RACHEL Rachel Roy" is available exclusively at Macy’s in the United States and at the Bay in Canada. In summer 2009, Rachel Roy and Grammy-Award winning British pop-singer Estelle announced their collaboration on a jewelry line for the Spring 2010 RACHEL Rachel Roy collection via Roy’s Twitter feed. Roy designed a capsule collection in partnership with model Jessica Stam, for Macy’s stores and RachelRoy.com in Fall 2010.

The Rachel Roy collections are available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Shoewoo, and Nordstrom. [edit]Celebrity clients

Perhaps her best known client is First Lady Michelle Obama, wife of United States President Barack Obama.

Other well known clients include Diane Sawyer, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, Iman, Lucy Liu, Sharon Stone, Tyra Banks, Wendy Williams (media personality), and Penélope Cruz


First Lady Michelle Obama   .  


The undeniable aura of the black first lady…
and black women in general

by Krystal Glass (in Clutch)

Michelle Obama's aura speaks volumes

Confident, graceful, genuine, and the ultimate defining symbol of a black woman’s aura.

An aura that has historically been mistaken (or manipulated) to be sultry, seductive, promiscuous, aggressive, head-twirling, finger-snapping, loud-mouthed, less-of-a-woman.

Luckily these are nothing more than stereotypes. Yet the negative generalizations that surround black women seem to create a feeding frenzy for modern day reality TV and opens the wound of black women’s beauty being perceived as secondary or non-existent.

You know the same wound that prevents you from the mere thought of showing your natural hair (because it’s “nappy”), the same wound that caused little dark-skin girls (and grown women) to secretly wish they were a tone or two lighter, the same wound that identifies Beyonce as the black standard of beauty.

That wound. That ugly little wound, that can now seek refuge in the era of Michelle Obama.











Aids Rescue in Western Kenya

From Matt Shepherd
April 2, 2013

Dear Friends, Family, Cohorts, Partners-in-crime,

I'm writing to ask you to take part in something extraordinary.

My girlfriend has spent the last 2 months living and working in Kisumu, Kenya to finish building a Rescue Center for children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDs. When the center is complete, it will provide healthcare, education, counseling, rehabilitation, and a home to the most at-risk kids in Kisumu and the surrounding villages. She is overseeing construction and working to ensure that the project is completed with the utmost care, efficiency, and community support.

I've been following her progress via her blog, and her dedication and courage has truly inspired me. I want to spread that inspiration.

Katrina must return to the US on April 23rd, and I've joined a team of amazing people who have each pledged to raise $200 each before that date to finish the center. She's already raised over $12,000 of her $20,000 goal, but she needs our help!

Spring is a time to celebrate renewal and growth - a time when we get rid of the clutter of the past year, and make ourselves open to new experiences, new challenges and new adventures. What better way to mark the coming of this season than to give the gift of a hope for a brighter future to kids who need it most?

So please,visit her fundraising page at https://www.stayclassy.org/katrinakisumu, DONATE and help me give the children of Kisumu the opportunity to pursue dreams, conquer challenges and live happy and healthy lives.

Thank you so much,

P.S. - If you want to get an idea of the HUGE impact this project will have, please read Laura, Charity and Judith's stories.