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~ Remembering Debbie ~

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Rev. Karl E. Uhlig - 05/16/99 19:17:34
My URL:http://www.gcmi.net
My Email:gcmi@pikeonline.net
Locality: Port Jervis
State/ Prov: NY
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 63

This tore my heart strings. So often, seeking, well meaning people find themselves involved in cults, only to become victims of ebents that should not have been. You are in our prayers. remember the scriptures that say " Ro 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. " God bless you for your faith and love of GOd. He has and will continue to use you mightily. Bro Karl & Sis Jeanne Uhlig

Debb Forster - 05/16/99 19:10:19
My Email:JoyfulDebb@juno.com
Locality: Tulsa
State/ Prov: Oklahoma
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 39
Family, if any: NA
Faith, if any: Bornagain, Spirit filled Believer

Having been in a church cult myself, I understand the plethora of feelings and emotions when processing yourself out of that control. The basic things I learned were that we each as children of God are answerable to Him, not to "leaders" who try to take he place of Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. All "authorities"/ "spirits" must be questioned and tested in the light of God's Word and with the inner witness of the Holy Spirit to determine if they have imitated Christ and can therefore be followe and trusted. We must know who we are being yoked with, in friendships, business, church, and marriage. Abuse is a sin regardless of who is responsible. The Lord is faithful even when we are faithless, so if we do get snared into the wrong relationships He will deliver us and what the devil meant for evil, God will turn into a blessing. The Lord bless you all. You do not have to carry any burden for what happened to your daughter. You have repented of your ignorance at that time, Debbie is in heaven with the Lord waiting for you, and God remembers your sins NO MORE! Your testimony can now be used to set oth rs free from the bondage of control that the devil is constantly trying to destroy God's people with. The book of Galatians gives so much insight into your freedom in Christ, not "yielding submission for even an hour"...Gal 2:5, to those who would rob yo of your freedom in Christ with false teaching or manipulative religious control.

Stacey Rurup - 05/16/99 17:31:12
My Email:sea_shell_15@yahoo.com
State/ Prov: Iowa
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 15
Family, if any: 2 brothers Mom and Dad
Faith, if any: Baptist

I'm sorry to hear that you lost your daughter. I will pray for your family. And I hope that you'll get through it. I'm sorry, but remember God has his plans for us. Jemeriah 29:11

Janis Hutchinson - 05/16/99 15:54:36
My Email:jhutchinson@juno.com
Locality: Everett
State/ Prov: Washington
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 67
Family, if any: 3 children, 1 deceased
Faith, if any: Christian

My heart went out to this family. Since the daughter was eventually taken to a Dr., I don't believe the parents should blame themselves. I, too, came out of a cult. My story can be read on exmormon.org. It is story #105. As a result of others and my e perience of no one understanding what we had been through, my book, "Out of the Cults and Into the Church: Understanding and encouraging ex-cultists" was published by Kregel Pub. in 1994 (available only in Christian book stores). I believe it would be he pful to list this book as one of your references on your web site. (My other book, pub. in 1995, is "The Mormon Missionaries: An inside look".) If you should repond to this e-mail, I am in the process of moving to Utah, so my computer will be disconnecte today (May 16). However, your message, if any, will be put on hold until I reconnect my computer in a couple of weeks. Janis Hutchinson

mike O - 05/16/99 14:30:15
My Email:mikeop1@hotmail.com
Locality: San Francisco
State/ Prov: CA
Approx. Age: 38
Faith, if any: Orthodox catholic

Dear Brother Jesus said when a person is sick,they get a doctor I pray that you find your way back and not forget our lord.I believe in science and God do mix and hope to stay in touch with you. Mike O

Becky Moore - 05/16/99 04:36:33
My Email:Beccatecca41@hotmail.com
Locality: Chester
State/ Prov: W.V.
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 41
Family, if any: yes
Faith, if any: American Baptist


JD Smith - 05/16/99 01:25:14
My URL:http://www.herald-of-hope.org
My Email:jd@trib.com
Locality: Newcastle
State/ Prov: Wyoming
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 55
Family, if any: many
Faith, if any: Nondenominational Christians

The message of Christ is simple and contained in His 11th commandment; the message of dictatorial (Cult) religions is complex and distorted, and may generally be recognized by the evidence of organizational gratification. And, always at the expense of the individual!

Faith Campbell - 05/16/99 00:35:57
My Email:newt-c@fast.net
State/ Prov: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 33
Family, if any: I wish I knew
Faith, if any: Christian (born-again)

I appreciated your page about Debbie. I too, am struggling with what is real and not real within the "Christian" churches. I've been a victim of spiritual abuse myself...all I know is that the one thing I can't give up and have to keep holding onto is J sus, no matter what other people do. My prayers are with you. Yours in Christ, Faith

Melbe - 05/15/99 20:42:25
My Email:slippy5@webtv.net
Locality: Redding/Anderson
State/ Prov: california
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 12
Family, if any: mom,dad, brother, grandpa...
Faith, if any: Christian

I was really touched by Debbie's story...it made me cry...now i know not to be so quick to judge other churches...like in the story, when they thought the church was a cult.I've heard shows like Dateine and other news shows say things like that about chur hes...now i won't be so quick to believe what they say...thank you very much!

Jane Brakstad Waters - 05/14/99 18:54:24
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Crete/3096
My Email:pajajoma@halden.net
Locality: Tistedal
Country: Norway
Approx. Age: 32
Family, if any: a husband, two sons
Faith, if any: the Salvation Army

I found your site through a guestbook, and just wanted to say that I have been visiting your site, and that I was moved of what you have experienced. It is hard to see God when going through tough times, but I think God too can't understand it when we whe don't use what is a gift from Him, like science and knowledge.....As everything else he has created this, for our use.... May God bless you Jane

mae - 05/14/99 11:02:59
My Email:nikkie21@yahoo.com
Locality: iloilo city
State/ Prov: iloilo
Country: philippines
Approx. Age: 38
Family, if any: 3 sons a husband
Faith, if any: i believe in God about all things

God is comming very soon Be prepare

Jeff Butler - 05/05/99 06:20:45
My Email:billjbutler@yahoo.com
Locality: Wooster
State/ Prov: Ohio
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 36
Family, if any: single
Faith, if any: Pentecostal

Can understand your grief, my younger brother and his family joined such a cult a year ago and moved into their Cult Community in SC. What was the name of the Cult you were in???

Kari - 05/04/99 03:03:26
My Email:honney98@hotmail.com
Locality: Covington
State/ Prov: Georgia
Country: United States
Approx. Age: 12
Family, if any: Mom,Dad, 2 Brothers
Faith, if any: Apostolic (NONE DENOMINATION)

Dear friend, I will pray for you!!!

Lawrence - 05/03/99 01:39:06
My Email:jirah@michianatoday.com

Do you still attend a Church body? Hope you still love God ? May Christ reveal Himself in a fresh new way . I pray a fresh anointing fall upon your family in the name of Jesus the son of the Living God. I agree with your understanding with the use of Doctors ,God can heal any way HE wants to . May God mend all your sarrow and bring your entire family closer to Him . Remember Jesus loves all His children. In Christ , Lawrence

- 05/01/99 20:42:02
My Email:Star_lite13@webtv.net
State/ Prov: Indiana
Approx. Age: 13
Faith, if any: Baptist

Hello. I'm a 13 year old that got your web page and I would like to say I was very touched by this story. My youngest brother has Hemophilia which is a blood disorder and I know how you feel having a person in your family with a problem like that. I go to a local church and with your permission I will tell my church about your story to see if they will pray for you to. I know that I will pray for you and I hope things get better for you. May the Lord be with you, Leslie

Chris Robson - 04/30/99 07:48:38
My URL:http://www.hosanna.com.au
My Email:chrisr@hello.net.au
Locality: Adelaide
State/ Prov: SA
Country: Australia
Approx. Age: 28
Faith, if any: Christian

Dear Mr & Mrs Shepherd, I thought I would take time share my views with you - they are probably different from yours, but I pray you don't take offence at what I say. As for myself I go to a church that is very zealous for the Lord Jesus Christ, and I have personally witnessed many miracles before my very eyes. There is no doubt for me of the power and the might of our Lord Jesus Christ and how He is well able to heal ny sickness and has absolute authority over all the works of Satan. I have been miraculously healed of things myself -That is fact. Secondly, I'd never condemn anyone for wearing glasses, going to a dentist, going to a doctor, taking medication etc, it's their business - It is their personal walk of faith, between them and God. The way I've known God to work is so wonderful as people are led by the Holy Spirit. For example when someone gets their sight completely restored to 20/20 vision - they find wearing their glasses uncomfortable and they want to throw them away. They don't throw there glasses away first, before the Holy Spirit leads them too and struggle for years bumping into things. But having said that, after receiving prayer for their sight, even while still wearing the glasses, they believe in faith that Jes s has healed them and stand firm in that, even if the effects have not yet manifested. When someone is healed of a sickness that requires constant medication - you find the medication is the thing that starts making them ill, and they find they don't need it and don't want it. They are not told to simply throw their medication away first, t ey know in their heart when they don't need it. But once again, after prayer, they believe in faith that Jesus has healed them, even if the effects have not yet manifested, and they are still taking their pills. These days people put huge amounts of trust in doctors, and in scientists. They still fail, people still die of cancer, people still go through some really horrendous operations and undergo such pain. Doctors even get it wrong - Hospitals and cemeteries c ntain plenty of their mistakes and shortcomings, and when they do fail, no one questions them for their trust in themselves and technology - not in God. This is man's best. I am not saying that doctors are evil tools of Satan or even that it is wrong to go to a doctor. I am simply saying that God's ways are much better than man's. The Creator can heal much, much, much better than His Creation. God's best is not simply to heal us of ALL sicknesses - but for us not even to get sick, to live in the fullness of His blessings, purchased by Him on the cross. I donít know want your church preached, whether the ministers in your church were truly led by God or not, but I truly believe your daughter should not have died of cancer - or better still not even have gotten cancer. Unlike doctors, Jesus can and does h al cancer easily - it's no different to Him healing a cold. Please don't let this tragedy quench your zeal for Jesus Christ. I've seen what God's best is - I've seen miracles which would amaze people - not hype and imagination but 100 per cent real and it simply encourages me to be more zealous for God. You may th nk I am living in my own fantasy world, but I live by faith - knowing in my heart, the faithfulness of almighty God. I pray you come through this terrible tragedy - it is awful that you lost her, but I sincerely hope this doesn't quench your faith in Jesus Christ. God's Bless You Very Much Chris

Mutinta - 04/30/99 07:40:12
My Email:REPVI@hotmail.com
Country: Zambia
Approx. Age: 37
Family, if any: yes
Faith, if any: Christian

Excellent. Keep up the good work of informing people about cults.

Elizabeth - 04/29/99 02:49:46
My URL:http://welcome.to/izzibe
My Email:AltoidFreak@hotmail.com
State/ Prov: Minnesota
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 16
Faith, if any: Christian

I hope nobody gets any bad ideas about Christianity from your page. I do believe that doctors and science (discovering things about God's creation) is all good, but I also believe that God does heal people miraculously at times. I hope you found a regular Christian church to attend. God is good!!

Annie - 04/28/99 03:41:08
My Email:annieh11@hotmail.com
Locality: Tucson
State/ Prov: AZ
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 42
Family, if any: yes
Faith, if any: Christian

You are not the only ones who have been fooled by a liar, so do not be ashamed. Even Adam and Eve were taken in by a liar, and such has been the case throughout history. God does not condem you, neither do your true brothers and sisters in Christ. You can ot change the past, therefore focus on the present and the future. Your precious daughter is sitting on the lap of the Father in Heaven right now, happy, full of joy. This is the "worst case scenario"? She is alright. Everything is alright! All is now wel . Go forth in peace. In time you shall be reunited and there will be no more sorrow. -Annie

mae - 04/28/99 03:33:37
My Email:miracle200@earthlink.net
State/ Prov: stl.
Approx. Age: 35
Family, if any: lots
Faith, if any: christian

Jehovah-Raphe, The Lord our healer is He. I do believe that God does want people to count on him for healing, but we certainly can seek proper medical attention. It's a choice and we all have choices.

Tricia - 04/28/99 03:13:42
My Email:trishh@excite.com
State/ Prov: Texas
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 30
Family, if any: husband,1 daughter
Faith, if any: catholic

My grandmother used to tell me when God closes a door, he opens a window. Perhaps Debbie's death was the door closing that led to your revelation of the cult you had become wrapped up in. It is very scary to think that men who profess to be men of God ca gain such control over people. I feel for your family and the pain that you all have gone through. I know you probably blame yourselves, but God has a purpose for everything. I know loosing your daughter was a terrible price to pay, but rest in the fact hat she is with the Lord, and you will be a family again in his kingdom. My prayers are with you and your family. May God bless you! Tricia Hornbeck P.S. Remember, the laws of religions are not always the laws of God. Religion is man-made. God gave his laws to Moses for us to follow. So follow the laws of God, and don't put all your faith into a religion created by man.

Sue - 04/28/99 00:27:32
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Shores/2070
My Email:nChrist4evr@yahoo.com
Locality: w. Md
State/ Prov: Md
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 47
Family, if any: husband and 21 y/o twin son & daughter
Faith, if any: Christian (s. bapt. church)

I am very sorry for the loss of your daughter. With so many cults surrounding us for so long, with new ones gaining footholds it seems every week, it is so important to stay focused on what is true and right -- what is not of love is not of God. I agree t at God uses doctors, all professions and walks of people to minister to His children. We are His vessels, to be used for His honor and glory and purpose. Love God with all your heart and soul and mind and He will feel your void. In Christ forever, Sue

another Debbie - 04/27/99 15:58:56
Faith, if any: in Jesus

This is a tragedy and I am very sorry for your great loss. I believe that God often uses doctors too. But all healing comes from God, whether through doctors or prayer intercessors or anything else.... My question is: Do you have absolute confidence tha doctors could have healed Debbie of cancer?....Another point of view to consider: Perhaps for her individual sake, in this instance, you did the right thing (not saying it would be right in all cases). You might take comfort in thinking along these line : You left her in God's hands, and the doctors' attempts at a 'cure' may have been much worse than the disease. The 'cure' may have caused your child untold suffering--with no guarantee of healing....I have seen too many people suffer the barbaric 'cures for cancer-- only to end up dying....Perhaps Debbie is thanking you now, for allowing her to return to the Father without so much suffering as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery might have caused along her way. Perhaps she looks at you with deep gratit de for having spared her that fate....(It might be healthier for you to think this way than to browbeat yourselves for what you did or did not do.)... At any rate, Debbie is now NOT sleeping as some have told you! Scripture tells us that at death the spi it returns to God who sent it. (Ecclesiastes 12:7) She is with Him!......May this knowledge comfort you in your loss. Bless you!

david - 04/27/99 15:51:29
My Email:howells@ulster.net
State/ Prov: NY
Approx. Age: 45
Faith, if any: RCA

Thank you for your mail. I will keep it in my heart. Sounds like you did the best you could.

Shouvik - 04/27/99 13:56:04
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~rajahinsuatni
My Email:shouvik@rocketmail.com
Locality: Slippery Rock
State/ Prov: PA
Country: US
Approx. Age: 19
Family, if any: NA
Faith, if any: Hinduism


alex brisson - 04/26/99 22:08:56
My Email:alexbrisson@hotmail.com
Locality: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Approx. Age: 43
Family, if any: maried
Faith, if any: in God we trust

itis so easy to abuse those who really want to believe all failing situation come from confidence I feel a bitter taste to your story and I ask myself many questions about this! I don't blame any one as this will not change anything to the rality. was it so necessary to face this to come back to real! God has plans but we also are responsible . don't ix you in the past let her pure soul go back to the origin don't try to retain her let's flow this will help very much her and you too I send you my Love and affection and will include you in my praise oh I forgot to say I lost myself my beloved child in dubious circumstances with Love to you alex

Jim Gray - 04/26/99 17:14:03
My URL:http://www.biblecollege.net
My Email:learn@biblecollege.net
Locality: Lake Havasu City
State/ Prov: Arizona
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 42
Family, if any: Wife (Manuela)Son (Jimmy 12) Daughters (Olivia 6 & Rachel 4)
Faith, if any: Christian - 'Brook Fellowship of Churches'

God bless you. Your site gives glory to God in quality and content. You have given a wonderful example of why we must allow the Holy Spirit to guide us personally through the Scriptures. Though pastors are to look out for the souls of the congregation, we are not God. I am thrilled when one of the people in my church challenge me, if they are using Scripture and a heart for God to do so. I pray others will learn from your tragedy, and while pastors are given spiritual authority by God, our 1st allegiance a d relationship is to be with Jesus, the Chief Shepherd. P.S. Everyone also seems to forget that Luke was a doctor. I have prayed the prayer of faith and seen miraculous healings, but just as Jesus sent the lepers to the priests for a clean bill of health, I send people back to their doctors for the same reason

L'isbethNoelleRothe - 04/26/99 16:48:07
My Email:YESHUASbutterfly@hotmail.com
Locality: Englewood
State/ Prov: Colorado
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 51
Family, if any: Husband, 2 Daughters
Faith, if any: Born-Again

God used Baalam's Ass, and He created the human mind---why would He not give us more than one way to find help and healing in time of illness. There is only One Way to Heaven---through faith in Jesus Christ and His completed sacrifice! Sacri- ficing our lives to dogmas outside the realm of God's Word is foolishness! L'isbeth Noelle Rothe

Kevin Surbaugh - 04/26/99 15:09:14
My URL:http://www.themainsource.com
My Email:webmaster@themainsource.com
Locality: Topeka
State/ Prov: Kansas
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 31
Family, if any: Yes, but live alone
Faith, if any: Chriistian

Thankyou for the email to read of the tragic death of your child. I hope that you will also come to one of the sites I own both www.themainsource.com (a Family Friendly Online Community and Free Email) and the Daily Devotions and Christian Resources in he A. Frances Johnson Memorial Chapel at http://www.themainsource.com Thank you again for the opportunity to read your pages.

lil deb - 04/26/99 02:25:03
My Email:debpryor@erols.com
Faith, if any: follower of CHRIST

i am praying that this touching story will reach out and touch everyone heart and open up thier eyes for the LORD works in and through alot of people GOD BLESS YOU for opening your heart to us

Judee - 04/22/99 16:14:24
My URL:http://members.aol.com/nuhearts/home.htm
My Email:nuhearts@aol.com
Locality: midwest
State/ Prov: SD
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 40 something :)
Family, if any: a wonderful husband & 3 grown "boys"
Faith, if any: in Jesus Christ

I was so blessed at your site. I found it when doing a search on the site to find out how easy (hard) it is to find my site. You have a link to mine which I feel very humbled by. Your story is an important one and I think it takes great courage to shar . Thank you! God bless you and your family.

Rene'Salvatore - 04/20/99 20:46:36
My URL:http://members.truepath.com/begods/homepage
My Email:nayers29@yahoo.com
Faith, if any: Christian

Your page is unbelievable. I have heard and read of stories like yours, yet yours was much more on a personal note. The picture of your daughter, was enough to take my breath away. She surely was a beautiful child. God Bless your family, for trying now to make people aware of what goes on outside our four walls and for making us aware that these things that for most of us are just "stories" are truly real. God Bless you and all of your family, may God richly bless your endeavors. Love in Christ Rene'Salvatore

Catherine - 04/13/99 12:16:33
Country: USA
Faith, if any: Seventh Day Adventist

Hi, I just wanted to say that if you are looking for a faith that takes it's doctrine straight from the Bible then you might want to try Seventh Day Adventists. If you get 3ABN : ( 3 Angels Broadcasting Network ) Look for Amazing Discoveries with Pastor Doug Batchelor. Pastor Doug has shown me the joy to be had by following the Lord. He preaches straight from the Bible and doesn't say to people "Join the SDAs they are the only religion to follow!". He says "This i what is says here" and "That is what it says there". You can read the Bible right along with him. He is wonderful to watch, you can see his love of God clearly and his joy in witnessing to others. I hope you will watch Pastor Doug even if you don't choos to join a SDA church. God Bless, Catherine

Dan - 04/11/99 05:49:28
My URL:http://www.f-b-f.org
State/ Prov: Indiana
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 18
Family, if any: Elam
Faith, if any: Independant Fundamental Baptist

Ignoring a persons health is dangerous, and while I feel like this group was rather blind, I find it offensive to use fundamentals and cults together in such a way... God is real... There is only one Gospel... Maybe God was testing this families faith... od Bless...

jenny - 03/29/99 18:09:37
My URL: www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/2474/Carlene_Porter/Carlene.html
My Email:hewalker@earthlinlk.com
Locality: Olathe
State/ Prov: Kansas
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 51
Family, if any: living 8..children/stepchildren//15 grand step grandchildren
Faith, if any: christian

It saddened me to read your story...not only because I too have had 4 children die, the last one 13 june 1998,,,but because I to was in a church that came close to destroying my family ...their control was not as strong as in the one you were in,,but I pr ise god I am out of it and am free to worship God in peace and freedom! I am new to USA so havent yet found a church here but I will have my eyes open .

Beverly Travis Jones - 03/29/99 14:29:58
My Email: btravis@door.net
Locality: Shallowater
State/ Prov: TX 79363
Country: USA
Approx. Age: 48
Family, if any: 4 kids, 11 stepkids
Faith, if any: Christian

Sorry about your child. That is the worse grief ever, unimaginable to ones who have not experienced it. I have married Mike Jones, and from what I have learned about TI, it did border on cult-like controls at the least. I insisted on taking two of the ones kids to the eye doctor, but unfortunately too late for the oldest, who is now blind in one eye from failure to get glasses. Mike was devastated. Cheryl still fails to get the children proper medical care.

Bob Shepherd - 03/23/99 01:04:48

Messed up and deleted a whole guestbook. I apologize. Trying this out, now.

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