To Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs: blessings on your wedding bliss.

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lady lynn hugs

Oh what a beautiful city

Shidduchim and Zivugim


when two beautifully dovetail into one

First Lady of Broadway, and Taye her shining Prince
Love is a many splendoured thing

Idina and Taye at their wedding
in private ceremony in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
(The same resort where, 5 yrs previous, How Stella Got Her Groove Back was filmed.)

Heading South

A Tribute to
Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel
Wonderful blessings to the two of you.
May you know every joy in your love together -
You inspire us, you empower us, you show us heroism by your love -

idina and taye

thanks to Kim Johnstone

Minuet - a sexy must-see
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the First UNofficial Idina Menzel page

Thanks Kim Johnstone
Tribute to these shining stars

Going to be Parents

God they're beautiful

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With love and faith and deep respect for one another, even seeming differences can be made to beautifully dovetail together

sexy duo
see the site of Theresa Guzman Stokes and Keith Stokes :: Eyes of Glory

Love is more than magic ~ it takes work and care

interracial couples in popular media

lotsa idina (and taye too) tidbits

'hottest' interracial celebrity duos

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Why interracial love is still hard

beta israel : black jews of ethiopia

Love comes in a rainbow: celebrate!

slightly hebrew flavor (american gospel)?

Amanda Peet and her Inter Faith Family

On Wings of Eagles : Rabbi Eckstein

Twist of Faith (movie) : building bridges

interracial love provokes violent reaction

heidi and seal
So sad - Heidi & Seal

Rassismus, Sexismus und Antisemitismus

shepherd interracial links

Khloe Kardashian | Gwyneth Paltrow | Heidi and Seal

Rabbi Schmuley Boteach
The deeper we delve into our truest spiritual selves, the more our limitations and boundaries dissolve.

[p 192 The Kosher Kabbalah]

Terrence Howard
Lori Mccomas
Terrence Howard & Lori Mccomas

Our Nation's Gratitude
Edward Koch, Former Mayor of NYC:

Those who led us through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the killing of bin Laden -- President Bush, Vice President Cheney, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretaries of Defense Rumsfield and Gates, and CIA Director Leon Panetta -- deserve the nation's gratitude as do, of course, the generals who led our troops. The soldiers who won the wars deserve not only our thanks, but our commitment to their medical needs and job opportunities for as long as it takes to provide them with a decent style of living and reintegration into American society,

God is love

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World of our fathers

--- At the edge of a dream

Some Famous New Yorkers, plus ...
Ashkenazi boy
From the Shtetl to

the Lower East Side


bnei baruch kabbalah
bnei baruch

this 'adulation' by Idina-Taye fan

unrelated item of interest

Debra L Schultz, Going South: Jewish Women in the Civil Rights Movement. New York: New York University Press

Review (Publishers Weekly): When Barbara Jacobs, a Brandeis student, returned to campus after working with black civil rights groups in the South in 1960, she found a limerick in her university mailbox that expressed a common prejudice faced by Jewish women activists, which read in part, "She said, I'm not a whore/ I just do it for CORE/ and color's the same without lights." Blending together 15 oral histories and archival research, Schultz shows how Northern Jewish women's commitment to social justice -- informed in part by living in the shadow of the Holocaust -- played out in a time of enormous political, social and personal upheaval. There are many, sometimes painful, ironies here: often Northern women discovered that their Southern Jewish relatives, already feeling vulnerable as outsiders, wanted nothing to do with them or the movement; some faced anti-Semitism (both passive and virulent) in Southern black church groups. But Schultz never resorts to easy answers, always trying to find a historical truth that's balanced between fact and empathy. Sharply observant of her informants' lives, Schultz opens a new window not only into the civil rights movement but also into the sociology of mid-century Jewish-American culture. Her analysis is most impressive at the book's end, when she perceptively describes the protean nature of Jewish identities in the U.S. Such insightful cultural readings and criticism make this a fine contribution to both the literature of the civil rights movement and the field of Jewish studies. (Apr.)
Jews and the Civil Rights Movement: There's more to it than you might think [blog]

Controversy dogs Kabbalah group (Bnei Baruch); mainstream rabbis distance themselves

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Hosarsiph, the Black Prince of Egypt - better known to history by his name Moses, the Hebrew. Freud was certain that Moses was Egyptian, but Édouard Schuré shows him to be none other than Hosarsiph, Prince of Egypt
Susan Cohen