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The natural superiority of the female
The Natural Superiority of Women

Woman, Thou Art God:
Did women once rule the world?

~ Goddess in Human Form ~

Diana the Huntress

Many sculptors have celebrated Diana the Huntress
Above is by Jean-Antoine Houdon
thanks to Woman, Thou Art God


It was good for me when Lindy outroofed me

I balked at first but it saved our marriage when she spread her wings (and soared)

In summa theologica.

Adam came "first" but Eve was the pinnacle of creation

What is first in the order of intention is last in the order of execution. Was woman the pinnacle of creation, being the last executed? Christendom honors woman as the firstr witnesses of the resurrection.

Father Marie-Dominique Philippe sees the creation of woman as God's masterpiece.

God created woman to be the mediatrix of love. She carries the secret of love and she must help man to love, to rise above his work, above his toil, above his desire to dominate. She must teach him to love. Lindy above all was a teacher. She truly shaped me. I rebelled against authority (had to learn the hard way, when it could have been easier.)

Aquinas points out that God created Adam as the first, princeps, and woman came to be his helper, not a necessary helper but a helper in a superabundance of love, and the help of a superabundance of love can also be that which is most indispensable. But the woman was not created as one who is indispensable; she was created as a superabundance of love.

Following God's intention woman is clearly the masterpiece of creation: she is last; she is the ultimate ... God's final mystery is contained in man and woman -- we cannot separate them too much -- still woman comes last. ..... She is the masterpiece.

There is something about motherhood that is proper to divine wisdom.

As Saint Augustine wrote : the masterpiece of creation is woman and the Woman par excellence is Mary.

Mulieris Dignitatem

Christianity itself supports the concept of matriarchy, right alongside the modernist 'slur' on Mariolatry. Consider the following from a 16th Century author: Declamatio de nobilitate et praecellentia foeminei sexus [excerpts trimmed; for wiki article, see Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa ]

"Woman was created as much superior to man as the name she has received is superior to his. For Adam means earth, but Eve is translated as life. And as far as life is to be ranked above earth, so far is woman to be ranked above man.

"...we shall search out the excellence of woman, not only according to her name, but according to the facts themselves, her duties, and her merits. For this, let us (as they say) search the Scripture, and, starting with the beginning of creation itself, let us show what dignity superior to that of man woman has obtained from her place in the order of creation....

"Since the world itself has been created by God as a circle of absolute perfection, it is fitting that the circle be perfected by this particle capable of being the link that unites perfectly the beginning of the circle with its end. That is how, at the time of creation, woman was the last in time of all things created; in the conception of the divine mind, however, she was first of all, as much in prestige as in honor, as was written about her by the prophet: 'Before the heavens were created, God chose her and chose her first.'"

"Christ, born into our world in the greatest humility, took the more humble male sex and not the more elevated and noble female sex, in order to expiate by this humility the arrogant sin of the first father. In addition, because we have been condemned on account of the sin of the man and not of the woman, God wished that this sin be expiated by the sex that had sinned and that atonement come through the same sex that had been deceived in ignorance...

"Moreover, God - I speak of Christ - has not chosen to be the son of a man, but of a woman, whom he has honored to the point that he became incarnate from a woman alone. For Christ is called son of man because of a woman, not because of a husband. This is an extraordinary miracle, which causes the prophet to be astounded, that a woman has encircled a man as a protection, since the male sex has been engulfed by a virgin who carried Christ in her body.""

(From Declamation on the Nobility and Preeminence of the Female Sex by Henricus Cornelius Agrippa, 1529, translated, edited, and introduced by Albert Rabil, Jr, University of Chicago Press, 1996)

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim

Declamation is a book that pays homage to the moral, intellectual, and physical, not equality, but superiority of woman over man. It argues that women are more than equal to men in all things that really matter, including the public spheres from which they had long been excluded.

Agrippa argued against the misogynistic interpretations of the female body in Greek medicine, in the Bible, in Roman and canon law, in theology and moral philosophy, and in politics. He raised the question of why women were excluded and provided answers based not on sex but on social conditioning, education, and the prejudices of their more powerful oppressors.

So let me begin my subject at the beginning.

Woman was created as much superior to man as the name she has received is superior to his. For Adam means earth, but Eve is translated as life. And as far as life is to be ranked above earth, so far is woman to be ranked above man.

Again after all this he created two human beings in his image, man first, then woman, in whom the heavens and the earth, and every embellishment of both, are brought to perfection, For when the Creator came to the creation of woman, he rested himself in this creation, thinking that he had nothing more honorable to create; in her were completed and consummated all the wisdom and power of the Creator; after her no creation could be found or imagined. Since, therefore, woman is the ultimate end of creation, the most perfect accomplishment of all the works of God and the perfection of the universe itself, who will deny that she possesses honor surpassing every other creature? Without her the world itself, already perfect to a fault and complete at every level, would have been imperfect; it could only be perfected in the creature of all others by far the most perfect.

For it is unreasonable and absurd to think that God would have finished so great a work with something imperfect.

Since the world itself has been created by God as a circle of absolute perfection, it is fitting that the circle be perfected by this particle capable of being the link that unites perfectly the beginning of the circle with its end. That is how, at the time of creation, woman was the last in time of all things created; in the conception of the divine mind, however, she was first of all, as much in prestige as in honor, as was written about her by the prophet: "Before the heavens were created, God chose her and chose her first."

Indeed, it is a commonplace among philosophers to say: "The end is always the first in intention and the last in execution." For a woman was the last work of God, who introduced her into our world as the queen of a kingdom already prepared for her, adorned and prefect in everything. It is therefore right that every creature love, honor, and respect her; right also that every creature submit to and obey her, for she is the queen of all creatures and their end, perfection, and glory, absolute perfection.

Thus, man is the work of nature, woman the creation of God. Therefore, woman is generally more capable than man of receiving the divine light with which she is often filled, something one can see even today in her refinement and extraordinary beauty.

So then the blessing has been given because of woman, but the law because of man, and this was a law of wrath and curse; for it was to the man that the fruit of the tree had been prohibited, and not to the woman who had not yet been created. God wished her to be free from the beginning, it was therefore the man who committed the sin in eating, not the woman, the man who brought death, not the woman. And all of us have sinned in Adam, not in Eve, and we are infected with original sin not from our mother, who is a woman, but from our father, a man. Moreover, the ancient law ordained the circumcision of all males but left women uncircumcised, deciding without doubt to punish original sin in the sex that had sinned. And besides, God did not punish woman for having eaten, but for having given to the man the occasion of evil, which she did through ignorance, tempted as she was by the devil. The man sinned in all knowledge, the woman fell into error through ignorance and because she was deceived. For she was also the first whom the devil tempted, knowing that she was the most excellent of creatures, and, as Bernard says: "The devil, seeing her admirable beauty and knowing that this beauty was the same that he had known in the divine light when he possessed it, that he enjoyed beyond all the other angels in conversation with God, directed his envy against the woman alone, by reason of her excellence."

Christ, born into our world in the greatest humility, took the more humble male sex and not the more elevated and noble female sex, in order to expiate by this humility the arrogant sin of the first father. In addition, because we have been condemned on account of the sin of the man and not of the woman, God wished that this sin be expiated by the sex that had sinned and that atonement come through the same sex that had been deceived in ignorance. This is why God said to the serpent that the woman, or rather, according to a better reading, the seed of the woman, would crush his head, and not the man or the seed of the man. Perhaps also this explains why the priesthood was conferred by the church on man rather than on woman, because every priest represents Christ, and Christ represents the first person who sinned, that is, Adam himself.

Moreover, when Christ rose from the dead, he appeared first to women, not to men. And it is well known that after the death of Christ some men abjured their faith, although no text attests that women abandoned the faith and the Christian religion. Still further, no persecution, no heresy, no aberration in faith ever occurred because of the deeds of


There were Medieval "Double Monasteries" (monasteria duplicia) which were headed by an abbess and where the men served the women. As both a contemplative and matriarchist, I think I would have fit in very well in such a place. The basis for such an arrangement was the filial/maternal relationship between the Apostle John and the Virgin Mary established by Christ as he suffered on the cross (John 19:25-27). In fact, in one such monastery the women's house was named St. Mary's while the men's quarters was called St. John's. (also see "monasterium virginum.")

For more on their history, see Paper by Constance Stoney, Newnham College, Cambridge

While I am more of a generic, or "gospel" Christian, I have a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary, as she has revealed herself to me mystically and in dreams. The first time she came to me, she merely identified herself as "Beauty" and asked if I was willing to become her slave. I thought that this was God manifesting himself in the form of a woman. Later as I continued my seeking it became evident that this spiritual presence who called herself "Beauty" was identical with the Virgin Mary as revered by Catholics.

There is a Catholic work entitled "True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary" which details how one can give himself as a slave to Mary and even recommends the wearing of little chains around the wrist, ankle, etc. as tokens of one's servitude:


Catholic Belief in Mary's Strength

If asked to describe the Blessed Virgin Mary, which adjectives would you use? The list would quite likely include words such as gentle, sweet, humble, tender, etc., since this is how most hymns, sacred art and devotional prayers portray her.

Yes, the Godbearer is all of these things, but she is also courageous, strong, mighty and powerful. Does this sound strange? Then read on.

Mary's Strength in Scripture

The Bible does portray Mary's love, humility and silent contemplation (Lk 1:38; 2:19), traits often held up for imitation by the faithful (particularly women). But her strength, though equally evident in the Gospels, receives little or no attention from commentators. Miriam of Nazareth is a strong woman who, at the risk of her reputation (Lk 1:34), chooses to bear the Messiah before her marriage with Joseph is finalized. She brings about the first miracle of Jesus' public ministry (Jn 2:1-11) and accompanies her Son to His death, bravely standing (not fainting!) at the foot of the Cross (John 19:25).

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Tribute to Ashley Montagu

Andrea Dworkin writes:
Sexism is the foundation on which all tyranny is built. Every social form of hierarchy and abuse is modeled on male-over-female domination.

Thanks to Rasa VonWerder for the following:
© Rasa Von Werder, 2004
A Book of Female Superiority by Ashley Montagu

See Why God is Mother-God

Most of the information in the following text will come from the book by Ashley Montagu.

Ashley Montagu's landmark book came out in 1952, preceding the second wave of the feminist movement. When Rasa Von Werder was a teenager she saw him on "Open End" and other TV shows. He impacted her life and got her started on a path of faith in womanhood. Ashley Montagu gave her a weapon against the brainwashing of Patriarchy, and she will forever love him for that. God rest his soul!

Much of the quoted information in the following text comes from Ashley Montagu's book, "Natural Superiority of Women."

Women & Men will rise & fall together. Our job is to raise women up!

Men have stood in the way of women's development, denying their political and social rights for millennia. Male superiority is a myth.

Aeschylus in ancient Greece said, "The mother of the child is not it's parent, but the nurse of seed implanted."

Lies have been the greatest weapons of Patriarchy from the start.

Scientific facts prove female superiority.

All women know they are superior, but they rarely speak of it.

Women are emerging from under the shadows today.

They have been written mostly out of history and culture, and they must now right these wrongs.

Germaine Greer has written well about women's subjugation, and the brutal injustice that has prevented women from finding prosperity and recognition.

In the Encyclopedia Brittanica of 1771 under woman was six words, "the female of man, see homo."

In the 1800's most all European scientists and thinkers were busy trying to prove that women are inferior. White man concluded that HE was superior, and that women -- along with indigenous and native peoples, were decidedly inferior.

White man had a name for himself, at the pinnacle of the evolutionary ladder. He was civilized. The European men were gente de razon.

As late as 1945 when the UN Charter was signed, only 36 countries in the world gave women full rights.

But the scientific racism of those days is utterly untrue. The status of the female is never in doubt. Whoever produces eggs is essential to the future, for eggs are reproductive cells, sperm are not.

A 14 nation study by UNESCO in 1967 showed that women work longer, and have less leisure than men. All women working and non-working are at a disadvantage to men.

Women are underestimated. Women's superior constitutional strength among other things comes from the fact that they are equipped with immuno-regulatory genes on each "x" chromosome.

Women have hybrid vigor or heterosis which males do not have.

Female intuition is something that men are jealous and afraid of, which is a mark against them.

In the inquisition men said, "We will torture the secrets out of nature." Supposedly it was for the public good.

Women are better drivers than men. Men's personality causes them to drive a car as a means of self-expression and tend to aim it rather than drive it.

Men are competitive, and even reckless. They tend to take a dim view of women's careful driving.

Women are mostly thoughtful drivers, they ask for help. Men find it difficult to humble themselves and ask for help.

Today most school systems throughout the land hire women to drive the school buses for reasons previously stated.

Women must take action! "The facts prove that woman is biologically the superior organism, superior is the sense of enjoying, by virture of her biological traits, a higher survival value than the male."

"These facts should forever dispose of the myth of the female's physical inferiority. Muscular strength should not be confused with constitutional strength."

"Constitutionally, the female is the stronger sex."

Thanks to Ashley Montagu. Please see his book, "The Natural Superiority of Women" which was published in 1952, and revised in 1992. It is published by MacMillan Publishing Company, 866 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10022

European style patriarchy has run it's full gamut. The reasons that men ruled in the colonial past; brute force and violence have wreaked havoc the world over. Over a generation ago, Susan Sontag wrote: "The white race is the cancer of human history." She was concerned with weaponry and pollution, but also oppression and domination and almost (if not all the way) genocide. White man, for all his material achievements, his knowledge and "learning," has become the idolater, worshiping debauchery, worshiping pornography. Lapsing inwardly into homo-eroticism and an androgyne softness, he seems to have forgotten his own humble origins, his obligations to others -- even his own family, his wife, the environment. Wives in their frustration desperately turn to flirty femininity and hedonistic flights of fancy.

Molefi Kete Asante, a leading proponent of Afrocentrism, drew wide attention to white-man's fall from grace, to the creeping decadence of Western (i.e. white) culture and "civilization."

One recent [September 23rd, 2009] online contributor takes note of the statistic that there are far more white pedophiles than any other race and that is a fact, at least in the US, and the sample size is large enough that it is probably true of other countries. According to the FBI, 91% of all pedophiles are white males. [Bizriakisaputz]

A contemporary grassroots "watchdog" group, White Watch, is striving to monitor persistent abuses by white supremacists intent on perpetuating white oppression or exploitation of women, minorities, children (or the environment???). They worry about the statistics, which lopsidedly indict the world-dominant white man.

"Pornography is manufactured exclusively by whites. It's most popular themes pit white women against black men. White patriarchy is slowly but surely destroying the environment. Whites are more likely to be sexual predators, child molesters, rapists, stalkers and mass murderers. Why? The problem lies in [white man's] own nihilistic belief of racial superiority and the lack of a real sustainable culture based on higher principles of tolerance and respect."

Certainly, while the precise extent of white man's "fall" may be exaggerated in some surveys and data-sources, there is obviously sound basis for the stereotype. Some of "white man's falling" is doubtless a by-product of his material "rise." As the West has advanced in affluence and education, it has also succumbed to sexual excess and given in to the temptation to oppress or exploit nature, women, minorities. He has been pampering himself for so long, he fails to see the debilitating effects his seeming success has had to his inner character, to his manhood. See Getting Off by Robert Jensen. What has become of whiteman's virility? What has become of his virtue (from the latin word MAN)?
See more at White Man Falling

Back to Rasa VonWerder,
Technology frees up women to be as strong or stronger than men. You do not have to be physically strong to hold a gun.

Where we once had no freedom to speak, today technology has given us the telephone, and the internet, and other opportunities as well.

The United Nations is the greatest friend of women and is trying to put out information, studies, and treaties that empower women.

The futurists, everyone of them are saying the following: Women are getting better educated than men. The white women will save the world. The feminine will save the world. Western woman is key to tomorrow.

And therefore the important jobs of the future will belong to women as much as they do to men. Women are moving toward liberation faster than ever, yet there is so much more to be done.

We desperately need safe housing for women and care of children. We cannot leave this responsibility in the hands of men, but we must move towards solving this ourselves.

Women must come together and make plans. They must stop hating one another because we will never get anywhere unless we join forces and solve the serious problems of humankind.

We want to work on apartment complexes, housing complexes, and trailer parks which would be safe places for women and children. Women should start working in the political process NOW!

© 2004 Rasa VonWerder
Cuckolding ~ the New Spiritual Wifery

Anneli Rufus


The Intellectual Sex Fetish

It's S&M for Ph.D.s: Cuckolding, in which men watch their wives have sex with other guys, is catching on among people with high IQs who revel in the psychological agony.

When he hears his wife moan with pleasure while she has sex with another man, Paul Pines feels bad -- then good. When Paul's wife tells him that the other man is much better at sex than he ever was, Paul feels worse -- then better. But of course he does: He arranged this encounter, in which he watches in agony as his wife makes love to another guy. And almost as soon as it's over, he'll start planning the next one.

Cuckoldry is defined as a wife's infidelity. Chaucer and Shakespeare characterized it as the ultimate shame. So perhaps it's no surprise that today it's developed into a fairly popular fetish. The Internet is rife with husbands enthusiastically soliciting other men -- often larger, hotter, sexier men than themselves -- to have sex with their wives while they watch.

"The high point of cuckolding is when your wife says she wants the other guy all the time and never wants you."

This isn't like swinging, and it's not a threesome. Cuckolded men (aka "cucks") only observe their wives' infidelities, they don't participate. And that's why they find it a turn-on: They're left out, looking on as the woman they love climaxes with a better man than them. It's a form of psychological sadomasochism. Some people get turned on by whips, chains, and physical pain. Cucks get aroused by mental anguish.

Cuckolding is rapidly emerging as the alt-sex fetish of choice for American intellectuals. Just check out the online forums like, where letter-perfect postings celebrate cuckoldry as a cerebral pursuit, transcending ordinary voyeurism and S&M as a dangerous game involving jealousy, misery, gratitude, shame, sharing, sublimation, lust, and trust.

Once a month, Drs. Paul and Sally Pines, a pair of New York City-area Ph.D.s who have been married 25 years, check into a hotel suite with another man. As Paul looks on, Sally and the man snuggle up together on the couch like lovebirds. Soon their clothes are off, and before long, she's wailing in ecstasy as the man has aggressive, passionate sex with her. Paul, helpless, can only watch and suffer. Afterward, Paul serves lunch to his wife and the man in the suite's dining area; they eat in the nude before launching into another long, loud, sweaty session.

For Paul, this sort of suffering feels like heaven.

"Imagine looking at the guy who's about to go to bed with your wife. Imagine hearing the man crying out in bed with your wife," says Paul, who pleasures himself "like a madman" during these encounters. "The high point of cuckolding is when your wife says she wants the other guy all the time and never wants you. Sally's body makes it very clear that this is true. It hurts me worse to know this, so it's better to know." Worst/best of all is watching Sally bond with the other man not only physically but emotionally -- when, as Paul puts it, she's "masturbating him with her mind."

This emotional bond that women form with the third party is a topic of excited discussion on cuckolding forums. One member of admits being "more afraid of Susan going for a walk to the ice-cream store with a lover then [ sic] her having three different men in a week."

"If he just fucks her and goes home, that's one thing," Paul says. "But if they fuck for an hour, then have an intellectual relationship where they sit and talk for two hours afterward, it hurts a lot more."

In this respect, cuckolding attracts "the very highly educated," Paul says, adding that it's "truly intellectual in its enterprise because it replaces sexual touch with humiliation and emotional pain, both of which are psychological. Most of what gives me physical pleasure has to go on in my brain. I'm totally being classist, but this isn't like people in redneck bars asking each other, 'You wanna fuck my wife?' It's much more complex. It's pleasure on a different level."

When, after years of pleading, he finally convinced Sally, whom he describes as "dignified and proper," to cuckold him, Paul posted a notice at that began: "Seeking an intelligent man to be my wife's lover." He picked the four smartest candidates. That was 12 years ago. Watching Sally having sex with another man, "I realize how bad I am at it. And this is really hard for me to say" -- at this point, his voice cracks -- "but I get off on it."

Although he doesn't know precisely why he's wired this way -- "I've told all my therapists I'm happy to talk with them about this as long as they promise they won't try to cure me" -- Paul remembers walking in on his parents once when he was too young to realize what they were doing in bed.

"They said, 'Get out!' And I knew it was something very exciting, and that when it's going on, Paul belongs outside -- that my place should always be outside of it, which is a really cool place to be."

For other cuckolds, pain isn't the point. Some are closeted husbands who want to see naked men, whether they admit it or not. Others like the idea of their wives attracting other guys.

"Competition gets them hard," says sex therapist Susan Block, who operates a phone-therapy program especially for cuckolds to fine-tune their fantasies and strategies. "There are so many forms of substitute competition among men in our society, such as sports, that take the place of the real competition inside a woman's body," in which rival males' sperm engage in "wars" to fertilize her eggs.

"Winning isn't even that important. What's important for a man in terms of his arousal is the competition. If you're a married man, you might love your wife, but you won't get as strong an erection for her or have as strong an ejaculation if your testicles know that this woman is yours alone. Nature is conservative, so your testicles won't work any harder than they know they have to. But if your wife has been away at a conference and there's a chance that she's had sex with another man, you'll get a stronger erection when she comes home. If she has had sex with another man, that makes you really hard."

Turning this dynamic into reality through cuckolding is a mental workout "because it involves getting your mind past the jealousy" -- past that touch her and I'll blow your head off reflex. Jealousy, Block theorizes, is a social construct based on the notion that husbands own their wives, and is thus "much more recent, evolutionarily speaking, than the competition that turns guys on. That's why it's mostly intellectuals who are into cuckolding: because other guys are crippled by jealousy. They're aroused and upset and don't know why."

Think your way around that, and "this is a simple and safe way to find a lover," ventures the San Francisco-based Webmaster who calls himself DotInfo and operates "Not only does a woman want it, but also her husband wants to share his wife. And they don't have to hide it from each other. It makes their relationships more clear and open."

The Racial Sexual Entanglement

But there's also a somewhat uncomfortable racial angle to cuckolding. Cruise the galleries at cuckolding Web sites and you'll see the same dynamic again and again: white husband, white wife, African-American other man. In cuck slang, these black men are dubbed "mandingos" or "bulls." Some sites, such as, and, cater solely to this. See Mandingo Parties

More on the Phenomenon
(See Cornell study on physical superiority of black males)

Cuckold Marriage Info (site) says: "In general, the term interracial, when used with cuckolding, most often refers to single black males enjoying white wives with their husband's support and encouragement."

"It harks back to the notion of the forbidden," says Paul, who doesn't pursue this fetish-within-a-fetish himself, "and to that monstrous old stereotype in which all black men have two-foot cocks."

For Paul, it's enough that the guy makes him feel pathetic, but he warns that the emotional scarring isn't for everyone.

"You're playing with fire" he says. "Don't do this unless you understand that you can't take it back. Even if you never do it again, your wife will have always had that great time, and you'll both know."

Meet the Mandingos

White girls love Black Guys
  (why the obsession?)

Anneli Rufus

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