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Sarah Palin shines for conservative bloggers in Las Vegas

~ Looking every bit the star that she is ~

Sarah Palin's "Fabulous" High Heels

Prada multi-strap peep-toe stiletto pumps

Sara Palin ~ Love her or hate her

By Javier Manjarres
June 17, 2012

Governor Sarah Palin's fiery address to the conservative reporters and activists at the annual Right Online meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada was only overshadowed by the eye-popping high heels that the Governor was wearing.

While sitting in the front row, I had a great vantage point from which to watch Palin's entire speech. While Palin was addressing the crowd, a couple of the ladies sitting around me made a few flattering comments about the former Governor's well put together business casual attire, emphasizing on her "fabulous" heels.

Palin's striking appearance was unquestionable. So, I zoomed in on the heels for a closer inspection. Afterwards, many of the attendees that I spoke to all opined on how well dressed she was and how "nice" her heals were.

What the heck!?

I have to concur that the heels were nothing less than striking -- I am sure Dana Loesch was green with envy. I will go on the record to say that they looked like five-inchers to me. I just hope that fellow conservative reporters/journalists, Ben Howe, Ed Morrissey and Jim Hoft, all took fashion notes from Sarah and will better color coordinate their outfits before they decide to leave their hotel rooms again

AUTHOR: Javier Manjarres a.k.a. El Sharko
Governor Bobby Jindal says time for Republicans to quit being the party of (not so bright). And Rick Santorum has also said everybody knows the conservatives don't have the smart people. It's liberals that have the smart people. We all know these thigs. The scientists are Democrats. The intellectuals are liberals. Well guess what. Sarah Palin shines a spotlight. The bloggers are a chance to show that conservatives can also vie for the smart niche -- in the CYBER-WORLD, right alongside the liberals (smart people).

Sarah Palin - timely - savvy - sharp - and truly appropos

Highlights of Palin's Speech

second amendmentHAILED WISCONSIN VICTORY (recall triumph by Scott Walker)

his fearlessness

praise for pioneering breakthrough of Matt Drudge

accuses Obama of making War on Religion

accuses Obama if being a socialist, originally.

says perhaps Obama does not believe in the private sector.

she mocked liberal "lamestream media" - praised conservative bloggers.

In her 35-minute speech to conservative bloggers, liberally sprinkled with humor and often a wry touch, she roundly criticized the "old" media for their past coverage of her political career and personal life, but went on to praise the "new" media of citizen journalists.

"You do what the old media can't or won't do, and that's tell the truth." she said "I have learned in the last four years or so, it doesn't do any good to personally complain about the untruths told by the old media. I might as well save my breath...

"The role of new media is more fundamental than just a force for organizing. New media has become a force for activism and information. You do what too many people in the old media won't do, can't do, and that's tell the truth."

She also criticized the media for not examining President Obama's past drug use mentioned in his autobiography.

"So, for the sake of argument, say they ran out of money," Palin said. "Why did they at least not read his autobiography? They'd have a learned a whole lot. They'd have learned a whole lot, and not just about that pot smoking and that cocaine snorting and what he ate -- Fido, Rufus. I think it's funny that the cocktail circuit/circus gives me a hard time for eating elk and moose, but come on. There's a difference. Anybody here have a pet moose? There's a difference."

Other speakers at the conference included Columnist and Poltical Blogger Michelle Malkin as well as several conservative radio talk show hosts.

The event was organized by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and was held at Venetian hotel.

Sarah Palin mocks Obama on drug use, dogmeat in Indonesia

TIM MAK | 6/16/12 12:05 AM EDT
Updated: 6/18/12 12:32 PM EDT


LAS VEGAS -- Sarah Palin ridiculed President Barack Obama at a conservative bloggers conference Friday for his "cocaine snorting" and eating dog as a child.

"That cocaine snorting, and what he ate -- Fido? Rufus?" the former Alaska governor said, alluding to Obama's memoir, "Dreams From My Father," in which he admits both to cocaine use and being served dog by his stepfather in Indonesia. "I think it's funny that the cocktail circuit gives me a hard time for eating elk and moose. Anybody here have a pet moose? There's a difference."

It was part of a 30-minute speech at the RightOnline conference, in which she criticized the "permanent political class" and the "lamestream media" while applauding conservative bloggers for doing "what too many people in the old media won't do, can't do, and that's tell the truth."

"The role of new media is more fundamental than just a force for organizing," Palin told hundreds of bloggers in a conference room at conservative donor Sheldon Adelson's Venetian hotel. "New media has become a force for activism and information. You do what too many people in the old media won't do, can't do, and that's tell the truth."

Palin also got a little cheeky, making a pun about polls and poles in Vegas.

"Here we are in Vegas -- in Washington, too -- they talk a lot about polls. There are a lot of poles in Vegas," said Palin, referring to strip club poles before addressing the president's poll numbers. "There is a reason that the figures in those polls are augmented too." The pun inspired cheers and laughter from the crowd.

On the attack, and more seriously, the former Republican governor alternated between slamming "the old media" and complimenting those in the audience, arguing that conservative activists didn't need to rely on stories from traditional news sources anymore.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate then ticked off the stories that, she alleged, have misrepresented her over the past few years.

"It really doesn't do any good to personally complain about... these lamestream media lies," lamented Palin.

"According to these news media reports over the years, gosh, I've got to have been divorced how many times? And moved to Montana, or was it the Hamptons?"

"According to the [media] I burn books and shoot wolves from the skids of helicopters," Palin said, to whoops from the crowd. "They were really going to find out what kind of coffee Bristol had."

"Every citizen can be a reporter, can take on the powers that be," she said, quoting conservative news aggregator Matt Drudge. "He proved that you didn't need a Master's degree from the Columbia School of Journalism .... You need integrity, and you need work ethic. It was a warning shot to the old media machine."

Notably absent from Palin's speech, however, was any reference to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And when she talked about President Barack Obama, it was mostly as a means to lace into the "lamestream media" for not vetting him properly.

Traditional media "couldn't be bothered" to look closely "at the future leader of the free world, his voting record as state senator..... If the media had done their job, we would have known of his strange attraction to leftist, radical ideas," said Palin. "We would have known that he actively sought out Marxist professors."

Palin was clearly a draw for many RightOnline attendees.

"We're Palin patriots," Susan Rodgers of Seattle, Wash., with her husband Prentice, to POLITICO. "The minute we heard that she was speaking, we signed up and bought tickets."

"She's recharging," Prentice said, when asked if Palin was becoming less relevant losing in 2008 as John McCain's running mate. "She's reloading."

"Don't say that!" scolded his wife, jokingly.

"She's targeting new opportunities," Prentice said, laughing.

Also spotted at the Palin speech: a bag, owned by a conference attendee, with a bumper sticker that read, "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Palin!"

No figure received more attention than Palin at the RightOnline conference's opening night, but conservative donor and Israel hawk Sheldon Adelson came close.

An introductory speaker representing the Venetian hotel, where the conference is being held, noted that it's owned by Adelson.

"You're in the only non-union property on the Las Vegas strip," he said, to loud cheers and applause eclipsed only by Palin's entrance.

"To the Venetian and Sheldon Adelson, we say thank you for hosting the fifth RightOnline conference," added Tim Phillips, the president of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, which is hosting the gathering.

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"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."
(apparently bogus) Ben Franklin quote
Like Maya Angelo says, the more they attack me with their bitter, twisted lies
so much the more I will outlast them, and   -- yes --   so much the more I rise

Sarah Palin shines - both confident and feminine.

They call her slutty. They call her sultry.
Look who's pointing fingers. It gets a bit old. Are those guys perfect?

(Rush to judgment - on Fluke)
Yes, our most prominent talk show spokes-MAN growled: "What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute."
(See Sarah rebukes male politicians.) Enough with the war on women !!

So what if she was, or is, just a bit of a rogue !!

In her youth, Sarah Heath "had a fetish for black guys for a while." In 2011, Joe McGinniss spoke with black basketball player Glenn Rice about the tryst with Sarah. While Rice avoids getting into specifics, he says their relationship was "respectful" and refers to Palin as "a sweetheart." McGinniss apparently prods further: "So you never had the feeling she felt bad about having sex with a black guy?" One of Palin's friends at the time is allegedly quoted in the book saying, "I remember Sarah feeling pretty good that she'd been with a black basketball star."

On the other hand, Todd Palin exhibited a touch of jealous rage when he confronted McGinniss, threatening him.

BIG DEAL: See this one

Are Sarah's high heels too 'slutty' for you.

Get over it !

Can conservatives harvest what's whole-
some about grassroots populism?

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"All forms of Slavery are offensive to the human spirit be they Physical, Mental, Generational, or Economic. No one is better off under any of them. We must Emancipate ALL Americans and always remember our Abolitionist roots. Proud to march for the liberty of ALL Americans and to restore the opportunity society that made us once great! We all must work to redeem the dream of liberty and justice for ALL. We must all march to recapture the ideal of our Founders, the great promissory note that has been denied to some, for so long. We MUST never cease to pursue the Beloved Community. May God have mercy on America."

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Sarah Palin shows her sexy side

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