Sarah Palin shines: A conservative who is both confident and yes, feminine.

Plus, isn't she one sexy lady.

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We can't all be mensas

Bill Maher offhandedly extolled Michelle Bachmann for her highly literate background, while seeming to denigrate Sarah Palin. What? Sure, we need our mensas (I think of Obama's father, Barack SENIOR, a certified Mensa if there ever was one; or Hillary Clinton, a Mensa, and hardboiled FEMINIST to boot.) But we need the Sarah Palins, too. So what if Sarah is not an Ivy League scholar and brainiac. Isn't it nice just to have a capable woman at ease with her own femininity, at ease with her charms as a woman -- and yes, attractive, too. (Funny how so many conservative women are sexy!)

Sarah Plain and Tall?

Isn't it great to have a conservative Republican who is both confident and yet feminine? Sarah Palin is obviously both. And smart!

Sarah Palin :: an all-American country gal :: both confident and feminine, too!

sarah palin

What should we make of Sarah Palin, the leggy and attractive ex-Governor of Alaska and former vice-presidential candidate? No, she is not Ivy league material. Yes, she is distinctly lacking in the intellect department. No, she doesn't know the difference between zionism and an overweight moose. Yes, she's a bold and brassy breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale world of politics.

Our view is that Palin is no worse than a whole heap of utterly useless male polticians who have built careers and fortunes on the fact that they are men with the backing of party, money, lobbyists, and interest groups.

There are thousands of successful male politicians who do not possess one percent of Sarah Palin's talent for controversy, a good headline, and folksy appeal. Palin was the hope of millions of people who didn't care one iota for politics or Washington but who hoped that a conservative hockey mom from Wasilla, Alaska could somehow ram a broom handle up the constipated backside of Beltway politics.

Sarah Palin is that rare commodity, a sexy politician

Trouble is, Sarah Palin wanted nothing more than to be an insider, famous. She itched to be a vice-president who mattered rather than a governor who didn't. Palin was on heat for power, jumping at McCain's leg like a poodle high on hormones. Look at how she splashed out $150,000 of other people's money on outfits from Macy's, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales.

It was as though the poor woman was sick and tired of moose, caribou, snow machines, and cold men in silly hats. She wanted the big time, she wanted to be known and loved. She wanted us to believe that she knew what she was doing, even though it was crystal clear she hadn't a clue and hadn't a hope of acquiring a clue even if they were being handed out free of charge on the North Slope.

In her interviews with Katie Couric, Palin revealed to the world what a clown she was. Never, or rarely, has a vice-presidential candidate been so clueless about the details of domestic politics and so mind-numbingly abstract about the big picture of world affairs: I can see Russia from my window.

Suddenly it didn't seem so wise to hand over the reins of power to the undynamic duo of arthritic John McCain and unabashedly ignorant Sarah Palin. Suddenly it was no longer endearing that she knew nothing and had little interest in learning anything. Palin's lack of curiosity about the world and about ideas was a big factor in her downfall.

Here was a woman who seemed to take seriously the idea that the universe is only 10,000 years old, who did not protest when accused of believing that the theory of evolution is a massive lie perpetrated on the world by a gaggle of crooked atheist professors at Ivy League schools. She even had links to a lunatic Kenyan pastor whose views of how the world works are less sophisticated than those of a six-year old Wasilla schoolkid.

Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin is one attractive woman

Palin continues to be a thorn in the GOP's butt. They don't know what to do with her. They'd love Palin to go away so that the party can once again be run by gray old men who take it in turns to hand out grace and favor to each other. But Palin is so consumed by her own celebrity status she won't leave the stage until her fifteen minutes are up.

No one one, least of all Palin, believes Palin has the ability to run or decide anything of importance. But McCain let the lunatic loose and she intends to keep going rogue until the nation tires of her. She is no doubt happy having books written for her, column miles devoted to her, blogs praising or hating her. She's a hot potato, a flavor of the season, a Baskin Robbins best seller. She is going to milk her run for all it's worth

By now, it doesn't matter to her whether she runs a radio show or government department, a tv chat show or a wing of the White House. Palin loves the limelight and it adores her in return. [Get Ready, World!]

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Sarah Palin's Legs Go Rogue's_Legs.htm

In his own exploration on Sarah Palin's "Rogue" phenomenon, Joe McGinniss delved into Sarah's one-night fling with former hoops star Glen Rice (of Miami Heat) back in 1987 when Sarah was a student and a sports reporter at a local station. The irritating thing is that men can be proverbial womanizers but nothing more reveals our gender double standard than the way we treat a woman who dares to let down her hair, and be human. Judge not: as a woman, Sarah Palin had a natural appreciation for fine hunks, studly urban guys, all that. Give her a break.

Sarah Palin (née Heath) -- beauty pageant contestant -- Miss Alaska 1984

The gurus are always saying things like white women will save the world. White women will save the human race (When, some future Golden Age? The new world coming called the promised land??) Well, how about if women save the Republican Party? Seems like they could use a little saving right now.

Reince Priebus said they were going to concentrate on attracting more minorities and more women to the Republican party, since it would be a "natural fit." Minorities and women would benefit most from Republican family values and Traditionalism. But what happened? Somebody did not quite follow through. The "old white boy" network put a stop to that sort of talk.

Senator Lindsey Graham told them, "Wake up you guys. We aren't making very many 'old white guys' in the new America." And pushing out women and minorities is not a very prudent plan.

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

Taking on the Big Boys
Sarah's feminism plus family values may be the perfect recipe for our homes, businesses, and nation

TEACH them big oil fatcats As Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin showed the stuff she's made of when she took on the big boys of Alaska's BIG OIL, the dominant extractive industry of Alaska (and nearly that powerful in the nation as a whole). She became known in Alaska as their own advocate, pro-development, not pro-industry. Dan Seamont said of Palin, "She's smart, a quick study. Her adversaries biggest mistake is underestimating her intelligence, her understanding of issues. And she uses their arrogance against them." When she dared to take on the big three of Alaska's oil and natural gas industry, she was like a David taking on Goliath. Oil literally is the industry that is the lifeblood of the state's economy. Her courage in doing so illustrates her willingness, when necessary, to break with the state Republican establishment -- when putting the people first. She would say, "My boss is the people of Alaska." Does such a spirit help to explain why Sarah Palin -- almost overnight -- soared to such heights, capturing a spot in the public's imagination? See Sarah Takes On Big Oil (a little heard book about Palin.)

Ellen Bravo was of course not limiting her exhortation to politics -- but how appropos to today's little political "tea party."

In a lot of ways Sarah Palin reminds me of my late wife (Linda). Not sure what it is. Linda struck me as patriotic, as someone with a sense of ethics, and compassion for the underdog, and someone who tried to practice her belief system, which was Bible-based, and faith-based. Linda admired Martin Luther King, Jr. She was kind of a Proverbs 31 woman, a woman of valor. Isn't Sarah a bit like that? In my case, my wife Linda typified a kind of Christian confidence. She was in her own way a sort of do-gooder, at least she wanted to be. Yet her style was appealing. Her walk (she walked the walk), everything -- her gait, her dress was all class, her stature, her poise, her sophistication. She seemed to have self-confidence. It appealed to me.

I married her.

Just as GWB was way smarter than he pretended, Palin's "country gal" corny-ness hides a savvy sophistication

Todd Palin says Bug Off: the big silence from Sarah's camp regarding the fling with Glenn Rice

Rebuttal: Sarah Palin Thinks Black Men Are Good in Bed, But Not Good in the White House

LIMBAUGH tired of being a victim fighting back against that barracuda Sandra Fluke

TOPIX: Why are conservative women so hot?

PINTEREST : Hunter Riley says, "Let your light shine"

HUFFPOST: The women on the right tend to be more feminine, stylish, demure?

NOW they are even using her beauty against her. Don't you realize this is the era of photoshop. Pictures can be doctored to make her look so irresistible if they want to use sexy against her. The Bible says, Judge not! Who cares that she was young and hot and sexy not that long ago. Who cares that she had a thing for gorgeous looking black athletes. Most all eligible white coeds do, Sarah was one fine looking news caster. Her specialty was SPORTS. Get it. Two plus two is four. All the snickering about awesome black studs and Sarah just as awesome -- it says more about her critics than it says about her. In fact, it only shows what a great person she is. And healthy !

Tirades against lovely Sarah (& women in general)
A woman has no business in politics

Sarah Palin "A woman has no business in politics." So we still hear today. America's all-time most famous Talk Radio "personality" RUSH LIMBAUGH -- has said as much on numerous occasions. (And has alluded to his attitudes on countless more.) Feminism is a devil philosophy. A woman's place is in the home, or raising kids, or cooking, or sitting QUIETLY in church. Never must a woman "teach" (so said the apostle Paul). Never must a woman lead a country: she is not fit "TO RULE." -- that being a man's job.

Yet time and again, in all places and all times, we see the claim utterly disproved by facts on the gound. In our own time Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto and Maggie Thatcher (the friend of Ronald Reagan) have disproved it. In Bible times several women were judges or savior's from Israel's troubles (Miriam, Deborah, Judith). Then there was Queen Elizabeth I. Muhammad's wife Khadija was the first to believe in him. His wife of later years, Aisha, as his widow showed leadership, resourcefulness, and military brilliance. Joan of Arc, with divine intervention, led France to victory.

Well-behaved Women Seldom Make History

The calumnies against smart woman or "leaders" is as old as the human race (no doubt). In the current debates here in the states, Rush Limbaugh is the heavy, the big bad (hard right) loudmouth, spouting anti-Palin (and anti-women) views and opinions. What he seems not to notice is that Palin shares many of his own traditional or small government views. Yet John McCain picked her out of nowhere (not nowhere, actually. ALASKA). And the public seems to continue to love her as much as Alaska (and John McCain) apparently did.

The anti-female attitudes are not simply the province of the Rush Limbaugh type (conservatives.) In fact, liberals have been major offenders, too -- if one includes the Enlightenment era anti-woman attitudes. The Enlightenment was nothing if not a white-male, European accomplishment. Their misogynism (and white supremacy) were part and parcel of their rationalism, their atheism, their positivism. Their biases were notoriously tilted toward (northern) European white males of the upper classes, the gentrified elite males. We see these anti female attitudes (and white supremacist attitudes too) among numerous of the intellectual giants of the day -- even the "benign" and brilliant Charles Darwin.

Schopenauer was conspicuously anti-feminist, as was Nietzsche and Freud. Despite their high intellect and outstanding atheism, these good old boys were blatant misogynists. They hated smart women. In fact, they seemed to hate all women (and anything feminine within their own souls.)

Why shouldn't women get a college education?

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Glenn Rice and wife Christina Fernandez Rice

From yoknyamdabale

Top 5 reasons why white women ”love” black men:

1. “Rhythm in Bed”
( They said black men give them good sex…one person pointed out that, her white ex-partner was a 5 minutes man.)

2. “The skin”
( apparently black skin on white is “lovely” it feels great on white skin…)

3. “Treat them right”
( That black men treat them right and give them respect )

4. “Confidence”
( That black men carry themselves with grace , they have grand presence)

5. “They are healthy “
( That black men take good care of their skin, they shower etc)

The audience in the attached youtube I think is one of the most honest and respectful I have listened to in a while. Many times, this topic becomes so heated to the extent that you don’t get the opportunity to hear what folks are talking about.

Questions that this topic raises:

1. As it relates to reason # 3 white women claim that black men treat them right and give them respect. Are black women missing something because most of the cries I hear from them is about how, black men are disrespectful and treat them like shit. So if white women generally are claiming that black men treat them with respect, is it safe to say that black men consider white women more valuable than black women? Or we could say, some black men internalized self-hate, that they don’t see their black counterpart as equals to whites.

2. Are black men only good for sex? Because 99% of the white women in the clip agreed that black men scored high in sex.

3. Are these claims by white women relevant today?

4. Are white women and black men in interracial relationship promoting racist- white supremacists stereotype about black men? Limiting them to phallic symbols or sex objects with no intellect to create and lead ….

For further reflections…

see the link below…”Rent A Rasta/Dread” a documentary (showcasing Jamaica) that highlights how some white women, would travel overseas to predominately black countries for sex toursim. One could say, they are again, perpetuating the belief that black men are highly sexual compare to their white counterparts. Limiting black men to sex. See Sexual Tourism - Jamaica

also see Seal’s response on his German wife’s ( Heidi Klum ) comment about his big cock. Big Package just what Heidi likes

and lastly but not limited to…see an article by Susan Crain Bakos, \” A White Woman Explains Why she Prefers Black Men……\”

Quoting Bakos,

“Black men have more energy, style and edge than white men. They know how to flirt, a nearly lost art among the rest of us. A black man is so damned sexy because he knows how to make a woman feel sexy….

Black men have something white guys don’t have anymore: confidence in their masculinity, their sexuality. They clearly know they’re men. White men appear to be waiting for the latest sociological research study to let them know if they are men or not. Yet black men are gentlemen, something else white men no longer are. They make me feel like a woman, both respected and desired. I can let go of my inhibitions, my need to control, when I am with them. How many white men can treat a woman like a lady and ravish her too?”

A black man shares his disgust about the overly sexualizing black men  –  dehumanizing them in the name of sex.

Debunking the Rumors that never Seem to end.

An email former Alaska governor Sarah Palin sent in 2007 under the subject line 'Marital Problems' appears to reveal that she felt that the notion of divorcing her husband Todd was not a matter of if, but when.

Our sexiest politician opens up at a personal level but those jillion some odd emails were obviously never meant to be released to the public. The second set of emails from Sarah's final months in office paints a different marital picture -- one of strife, anger, and most of all, complaining. Our sexiest politician see Jezebel

'Marital Problems

Is Todd insecure as a man. When Joe McGinniss was researching his book, Todd Palin came up to him and essentially threatened him (with violence.) Later, McGinniss simply commented, "Threatening people, bullying, intimidation. That's the Palin way." (One might conclude Todd is slightly insecure, in the masculine department. See More on Todd and his threats

Sarah's thing for black guys

The youthful fling, or how much she still "loves" black guys, why should anyone really care? But there was a media frenzy over McGinniss report of her one nighter (with Glenn Rice). Glenn himself downplayed it, and only spoke highly of Sarah (Miss Heath). But the fact remains, from a certain perspective she was at that time of her life very much a ROGUE. Sarah herself has at times seemed almost proud of the label. McGinniss frankly lays it out, "Sarah Palin has lived an outrageous life."

Personally I wonder: Isn't there sometimes something quite attractive about a confident woman?

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