Dr. Maria Cerruto proves positive health and sex effects of stiletto heels.

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Why wearing stilettos could boost your sex life

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To stiletto ~ Or not to stiletto

Primed for a little hedonism?
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To stiletto or not to stiletto; that is the question. Everyone loves stilettos these days!! With the uprising of the fashion world, and the empowerment of women; stilettos have become a staple piece in everyones' wardrobe. In every magazine, runway show, and NYC subway tunnel, stilettos are making a big scene. Heels are infamous for making women look more stylish, feel more confident, and seem skinnier than they really are. What's more, they make you feel so feminine (sexy) you start to take flight. So what's not to like?! Well, even though these sky high heels may seem enticing to wear to every fashionista there is, it may be a good idea to know exactly what you are getting into before heading to Jimmy Choo.

Ready for your girl's night out?

Medical Findings
Stilettos could boost your sex life
Dr. Maria Cerruto's discovery

by Nick Pisa
Daily Mail (UK)

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ver Classy Doctor (actress) Ellen Pompeo

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Traditional View

Has High Fashion Made Women Masochists?

a particular beauty symbol worshiped as the essence of femininity
Rita Freedman :: Beauty Bound

Toeing the Mark

Glamourized feet are a classic example of how femininity, beauty, sexuality, and power are fused and then confused.

In its current form, the beauty myth requires women to display their feet in dainty slippers (a la Cinderella?) -- with spiked heels (and open toes?) .... Today, a well-heeled woman declares her interest in being provocative. Why do high heels work as erotic bait? They lengthen the leg, reshape its contours, thrust out the bosom and the backside. Walking takes on the bump and grind of the chorus girl (which is why beauty contestants parade in the incongruous combination of swimsuits and high heels). High heels create a "courtship strut" that carries the eye to the pelvis.

High heels enhance hedonic power ... The higher the heel the greater its power to attract. [And thus the paradox that] The shoes with the most erotic power are often (for the woman) the most incapacitating.
linda shannon
Lady Lynn

Ready for your Girls Nite Out?

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Blackmen are one of the best things god made

High heels put your ass on a pedestal -- where it belongs. [Veronica Webb]


Sex and the City
Carrie Bradshaw and Manolo Blahnik's Campari 'Mary Janes'

Manolo Blahnik is sometimes described as the fifth lead in Sex and the City owing to the sheer number of times his shoes are worn and hankered after by the series' fashion-obsessed characters. In one famous scene, lead character Carrie Bradshaw, newspaper and out-and-out fashionista, stumbles across a pair of slender black patent shoes in a store cupboard at US Vogue and in awed tones proclaims, "Oh my God. Manolo Blahnik 'Mary Janes,' an urban shoe myth!" Satiric, ludicrous, ironic . . . yes - but it's a scene that encapsulates the nigh-on mythic status that Blahnik today holds among shoe aficionados everywhere.

For all his celebrity status, Blahnik has remained resolutely down to earth - exemplified by the fact that he has always been involved at every stage of his shoes' creation - designing the prototypes, making the preliminary sketches, sculpting the wooden lasts and, finally, overseeing production. Without any formal training, he once claimed that his skill in shoemaking lay solely in the fact that he had 'the best taste in the world.' Years of trial and error led him to a successful formula for his collections - a combination of shoes with 'solid good looks that will last forever' and a few more adventurous pieces for the daring and wealthy.

(P 68, Fifty Shoes That Changed the World)

Unleash the female sexual pleasure spot - and turn the world on fire

Toni Bentley on why women need to unlock their wholesome Inner Slut
Forget Freud - Tune in to your own love button. (Discover her immense sexual authority.)

Husbands, sit at her feet and learn to worship

"Women are just as sexually visual as men, that female orgasm's elusive, and yet, paradoxically, multiple qualities, promotes, even demands, promiscuity -- both to find the elusive one and then to prolong the party." (Take on that magnificent lover - a little jealousy just might stimulate home life)

Woman's love button is such a very miniscule organ ...

But fear not -- if you think that the little "clit" will not bear up under such scrutiny, have no fear. It has, finally, been scientifically established -- mapped out in the lab and all that, as Daniel Bergner reports -- that the clitoris, in fact, displays in itself the very essence of female guile in having two extended, internal reaching, four-inch (!!) wings, each curving around and behind the labia minora like a butterfly, culminating their massive reach around, yes, the vagina. So while this overused highway has relatively little feeling (necessary to mediate the pain of childbirth) for most of its length, it is a terrific co-conspirator and will happily participate with pom-poms from the bleachers in a sustained orgasmic victory. But, alas, the oversold vagina is only a lady-in-waiting at the court of the clitoral Queen. So while the clitoris has often been lost to both history and many a man, she is, in fact, not a small, hard to locate ingénue, but a large winged being. Is it not time to let her fly, orally, manually, even, er, verbally? If not now, when?

With her more than 8,000 nerve endings, twice as many as on an entire penis, and a higher concentration of pure feeling than in any other part of the human body, male or female -- which, given our so-called higher consciousness, makes her the most sensitive organ in the entire universe -- there may indeed be reason to fear the clitoris, not because she can't be found but because of what she might do once unleashed. (If by now you guys are feeling the strange inklings of clitoris envy I say, man-up and get with the program.)

See Daniel Bergner's new book, What Do Women Want?

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