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Annalee Skarin :
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Love, the Glory of the Universe

See Sonia Easley Page Learn to love. Let love vibrate from your hands. Let your fingertips sing with it. Let every little fibre of your being magnify it and your soul perfect it. Let love pour out from you and as it does it will heal and bless and enlighten all those whom you contact, either in thought, or by actual meeting. Never let anger rage in your heart. Never hold grudges. Forget injuries instantly. Never let discord cling to you. Never cling to discord.

Along with this great love comes the perfect gift and privilege of forgiving. It is beautiful beyond expression, for in it is contained the very glory of God. Read carefully the Sermon on the Mount which is contained in the fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of Matthew. At the end of chapter five is given the admonition to love your enemies, to pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you -- in other words, think love, speak love, give love, and live love -- and be willing always to go the second mile -- that you may be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. Yea, be the servant willingly, with deep, eternal love, and as sure as you live you will become one of the great and noble of the earth.

Annalee Skarin. p171, Volume I [1952]

At first the Sermon on the Mount may seem terribly difficult and even impossible to live, or at least not worth the great effort required to give love for hate. It is so much easier to love our grudges and weaknesses than to love our enemies. It is always easier to hold our human faults than it is to forgive them in our neighbor, which if done, would cancel every flaw in our own characters as well as heal our foes. As one's soul opens to comprehend the divine power contained in these teachings he will rejoice in the majestic glory of these perfect privileges, for he will prove to himself for all time that it is indeed a privilege and a glory to forgive. It is the complete cauterization of an otherwise incurable ulcer of the soul, and no matter how painful the process it will bring healing, pure and glorious.

You will glory in the divine knowledge, that you too, can forgive sins that they stand not before God. You too, can share in the work of the Savior, in that you too, can begin to do the works and take upon you the sins and mistakes of the world, that they might be blotted out, that the love and light and the power of God might begin to flow through you to bless and heal and enlighten. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, because I go unto my Father" (John 14:12). His greatest work was the healing power of His compassion and mercy -- His forgiving tenderness. In order to have perfect power to heal and bless He had to have the power in His own heart to forgive, which was always used in connection with the healings, for more often He said, "Thy sins be forgiven thee," than "be thou whole."

Annalee Skarin. p172, Volume I [1952]

Only with this divine gift of love allied with faith can any man go forth to do good. This perfect love can right all wrongs. It can heal and restore. It can bless and glorify and blot out all mistakes both for oneself and his neighbor. One will even develop the power to send this light and love back down the dark, dismal hallways of the past, to the injuries and heartbreaks that have been -- and enfolding them in love, enshrine them in the purity of healing light. And thus even the darkness of the past can be transmuted into light for the glory of God. Love can heal every injury, past or present, and enfold one in such a glorious flame of light that the future can only be a melody of loveliness.

Annalee Skarin. p173, Volume I [1952]

To love as Jesus loved, if practiced faithfully, proves to be the celestial symphony of the spheres, the melody of the universe -- and thus man can get into stride with the vibrations of eternity and all life becomes a harmony of pure perfection. Trouble dissolves, darkness is forever banished and light is glorified.

This melody must be practiced not only this day -- but tomorrow -- and whenever and wherever there is time and opportunity. And very soon it will become a part of living. Man himself is the musician. He must perfect the glorious, divine, celestial melody that will glorify his soul and his life. He is also the instrument on which the musician plays. In his own being is recorded forever the new song that none can learn except His chosen -- or those who have truly chosen Him.

Love is the melody -- love unfeigned -- love so gentle, so filled with understanding, so pure, so forgiving, so compassionate, so Christ-like it will help heal the world. [p299]

This inward song of gratitude, this divine song of ecstasy singing in the soul is the 'Light of Christ' in manifest action as it cleanses one of darkness and fills his entire being with the joy of Light. He who can hold this divine song of ecstasy for just a few weeks without losing it for a moment will be purified and cleansed from all sin. This glorifying song is the cleansing flame of the Spirit of the Almighty and if one can hold himself, consciously, within that flame he shall be prepared speedily to truly know God, for he shall be filled with light and comprehend all things. This New Song, this inner song of Spiritual Ecstasy, this new song that will glorify God and man, this divine symphony of eternal Love!

Annalee Skarin. p299 & p302, Volume I [1952]

We each have within us an all-knowing, all-loving voice. Learn to listen to that voice, love it. This is the "feeling after God" mentioned in Acts 17:27. Thank that deep inner-knowing for its rebukes. Apologize to it for your mistakes, and promise that you will try to do better -- and then live true to that promise. You will soon glory in the amazing closeness of that divine contact. Even a discordant thought or vibration is felt by it, for it is all-knowing, ever present, and completely aware of every thought and feeling within one. This light of Christ, or Spirit of Christ is the inner reality of each individual.

"Therefore it is given to abide in you; the record of heaven; the Comforter; the peaceable things of immortal glory; the truth of all things; that which quickeneth all things, which maketh alive all things; that which knoweth all things, and hath all power according to wisdom, mercy, truth, justice, and judgment." [Moses 6:61]

Annalee Skarin. p204, Volume I [1952]

Love that voice within. Praise it. Honor it, and it will become a constant glory in your life. Seal your ears against it and you will ensnare your soul in darkness and your life with failure.

Annalee Skarin. p205, Volume I [1952]

As one works toward the high goal of perfection he discovers the amazingly beautiful truth that as he fills his soul with light and love and goodness, the weaknesses are automatically eliminated. To overcome them, he must be honest. He must first search into his own soul without any hypocrisy of self-righteousness, and be willing to see his own weaknesses and faults -- and with a deep humility and a true determination to the Most High, he must leave the darkness and look steadfastly into the light.

Annalee Skarin. p246, Volume I [1952]

The Keys of All Power

The following keys are placed in your hands that you need never fail. Use them.

Perfect Love!

Deep Humility!

Constant Prayer - a prayer that is a song of eternal praise and glory! These keys hold forever the power of light through which the powers of darkness cannot penetrate. Use them! Adore! Worship! Praise God and love with every fibre of your being and your prayers will ascend in a flaming glory of everlasting power.

Yea, perfect these keys and use them and the Book of Life will be opened wide for you -- and all that it contains, for the Living Book of Life ye are! Yea, the complete record of Life. Man, awake! And know now and forever that Book of Life and you shall live forever -- Yea, open your own soul and read the record written there; open your mind to comprehend the power and strength of your soul, and the glory of the Spirit of God; open your heart to the great inflow of His everlasting love. Unseal yourself for you are the Book of Life. You are the very glory of God.

Annalee Skarin. p274, Volume I [1952]

Oh, Lord God, Almighty, I glory in You with every fibre of my being, with every ounce of strength and intelligence I possess. My heart melts in gratitude before Thy great and boundless love -- a love that notes the sparrow's fall -- a love that reaches into the hearts of men, to heal and bless and forgive -- and enfold -- a love so great it can cleanse the soul from darkness if it will only discard its pride and open to Your tenderness and compassion. Yea, let thy "Spirit cover the earth even as the waters cover the sea." Let the most humble ones, from the highways and byways of the earth, be brought to rejoice forever before Thee and partake of the marriage feast. Let the halt and the lame, the poor and the blind, the meek and the lowly come into Thy presence and praise thy Holy Name forever more. Let those who have drunk the dregs of bitterness find sweetness in Thy forgiving mercy. Yea, let all the earth rejoice! Let the proud and the haughty be humbled that they might learn to find Thee, and to know Thee in their hour of great humiliation and distress. Gather them close and blot out their evil and their proud self-righteousness. Forgive, oh Lord, though they have sealed the doors of light to those who trusted in their strength and followed their vanities. And forgive all who flattered them in their worldly power. Yea, let thy arms be opened wide to all who will only turn to you in their distress, who will only "ask, seek and knock." Yea, let the meek and the humble and those who have truly loved Thee, be exalted forever in Thy sight -- and let the reign of all unrighteousness, whether in institutions, businesses, nations, or churches be brought to a speedy end. Let unrighteous dominion end forever -- and let they Beloved Son, Jesus Christ be brought to reign, He whose right it is to reign -- so be it -- Amen.

Annalee Skarin. p92, Volume I [1952]

This was the Book that did it. Published in 1952, "Ye are Gods" was the affront that brought down on this brave lone woman all the wrath of the Mormon hierarchy. Cal Garrison writes: "If you've ever been exposed to the iron fist of Mormon fundamentalism," it should come as no surprise that the church patriarchs subjected Annalee to the heavy handed oppression that in fact they did.

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