We praise thee God. The power of adoration.
~ Inspiration by Annalee Skarin ~

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Adoration of God brings power

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Christ within you

Annalee Skarin:

Exult in God and in His nearness

You Are the Temple of God

See Sonia Easley Page In every human soul is a longing, a loneliness, a wistfulness that few have ever tried to analyze or comprehend. Yet, at times, that inner longing has become a sobbing cry of inner pain and searing desolation of almost unendurable anguish. Some have translated this cry as a desire for wealth, position, knowledge, or sought some other worldly answer. And when such goals are reached they are still empty and unsatisfying. Most of the wasted energy of this world has been a desperate effort to silence that soul hunger, or at least to deaden or escape it.

If but half the effort had been used to understand this inner-call of the soul for recognition, instead of trying to silence it, the world, long ago, would have reached its glorified destiny. Men should be walking the earth, not as dissipated human derelicts, lost and alone, but as glorified masters with powers undreamed of by the present race of men.

[Temple of God. p 21, 22]
See Sonia Easley's Page

"Charity is the pure love of Christ." This pure Christ-like love is Spirit and when it begins to be made manifest in one's life his joys increase, or his ability to enjoy is intensified. Darkness of mind and thoughts and emotions is automatically overcome. Then as one adds praise and thanks to that love it becomes powerful. His blessings multiply and increase. His singing devotion of boundless love begins to release the hold of gravity upon him.

It is this vibration of exalted glory, of praise and love and thanksgiving that brings forth the gre4at, divine Light of Christ from within. ... This Christ Vibration of power and Light contains the great revelation of becoming thankful in all things as one is made glorious. This very vibration is the Unspeakable Name of Jesus Christ. It is the Name of the "Light of Christ that is given to abide in every man who cometh into the world." It is the Name of glory! It is the supreme vibration and ecstasy which is of the Saints, or those who overcome. It is the song of the soul that is contained in the Divine Christ Vibration an no words can express it, no music contain it. It is the eternal, glorified symphony of the Universe. It holds the keys of eternity and the very powers of God. [Temple of God. p 123]

Exult in God and in His nearness for He is as near as you permit Him to be. Believe in His power! Kneel to Him instead of to some organization, or its leaders, which is but the arm of flesh! God only you must love! God only must you serve! Seek to know His will! Adore Him with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind and back it up with all your strength.

As you render this type of devotion you will become filled with His love -- a love that automatically includes the whole brotherhood of man. This type of devotion can contain no cruel self-righteousness, no bigotry, nor can it ever be fanatical and actually believe it contains all the Light. This devotion excludes no one. It is as all-inclusive as the sky and the sunshine -- and the great enfolding love of God. [Temple of God. p 136]

Professed Christianity has often been but a mild form of Devil worship. "Hell and damnation" have been the major theme of the churches. A cruel, vicious God of vengeance, taught through fear, and esteemed in trembling, has been the basis of devotion. A spiteful God who disclaims all His creations and denies His children, except those who profess some narrowed, bigoted creed, has been worshiped. The Pilgrim Fathers (or Boston Puritans) worshiped a God much inferior to themselves. Many Christians still do.

Thomas Edison, hardly a conventional professing Christian believer, did more to lift the burdens of the human race than any minister in many generations. True Christianity means to live the laws He gave, not just profess them. And to live them one must give service, understanding and compassionate love. [Temple of God. p 139]

Portal of Heaven
After one has learned of the great heart-center, by beginning to love with all his heart, the seals from his heart will be removed. And as it is opened wide to this love, the altar fires within one's own being will be comprehended and he will know that he is the temple of the Living God. He will learn that the sea of glass, or font of molten gold is Spirit, and that it too is contained right within himself. And he will learn to begin to use those inner powers in humble, adoring gratitude. [Temple of God. p 146]

The voices of those seeking to tear down and disprove are always louder than the voice of Truth. Truth never hurls itself out violently, seeking only to beat to pieces everything in its way. It moves gently, almost silently as it tip-toes by in its softly Lighted glory. It is never strident. Never oppressive. Never loud nor rancorous. Only its persuasive sweetness has been left to battle the noise of the destroyers. [p 162]

A thought is idle, lifeless and unproductive until it is dropped into the emotions and is quickened by the embrace of the mother. Emotion is the mother of thought. It is within the emotions that the seed is quickened into desire. When such quickening process awakens it to growth, as a throbbing desire, it can then be "imaged in" to the sunlight of the pure Spirit substance and become a living power of fulfillment. It is when it has been brought forth into the enfolding, breathing glory of Spirit that it becomes an actual LIVING reality endowed with power. [p 203]

It is ... the deep desire of the soul that one must first concentrate on and begin to comprehend and fulfill. It is the desire of the soul that will lead one to his own great destiny. As one learns to listen to the inside yearning of his own soul, so that his thoughts hold it in his conscious awareness, he will be able to place it within the Light of that divine Spirit of Almighty God, centered within, for complete fulfillment -- and the Father within will do the works or work it out.

It is the conscious awareness of the mind that has the ability to take the quickened seed of its desire and hold it within the glow of the fulfilling, life-giving powers of the Spirit of God. [p 214]

None can fully understand these things of the Spirit except those who are willing to yield themselves to the powers of the Light of Christ. In yielding, the "self" is overcome and one becomes an open vessel in the hands of the Almighty. His very life becomes sanctified and directed as the Christ begins to do all the works. It is then one begins to comprehend all things, even the wonders of eternity and the dynamic, unspeakable powers of Almighty God. He will learn of the yearning, healing, forgiving, fulfilling love of the Light of Christ, which has been given to abide in him -- and will no longer reject that Light.

One must begin to comprehend that God is a God of infinite power! He must know that He is also a God of miracles! And God only ceases to do miracles a mong the children of men when they shut Him out by their gross darkness of unbelief. [p 218]


The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail, this sacred chalice, this container of the pure waters of Life, is man himself; but it is defiled and useless until its contents are purified or purged in the fires of the Holy Flame of this inner Christ Light. This divine flame of Spirit purifies and cleanses. It redeems and sanctifies. It consumes the sins and weaknesses, the past errors and mistakes in its healing, purifying, holy essence of redemptive power as man permits it to come forth. It is as one lets go of the heartbreaks, his past mistakes, his way of thinking and feeling and in humble adoration kneels before that divine altar of Almighty God that he realizes he is the Chalice, the Holy Grail, the divine Temple. [p 68]

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.
[Henry Ward Beecher ]

Love is the Balm

Love is a balm that contains the power of healing and of renewing and of everlasting life within its effulgent essence. Love is the great refiner and beautifier. Love is more! Love is the key to every door. It is the creative reality behind every righteous desire and every ardent hope. Love is the cohesive power of the universe as it binds together atoms and substance. It holds families together-the world and the entire universe. If love were withdrawn all things would fall apart and disintegrate. When a human being eliminates love from his life he too begins to fall apart. Love is not only eternal but it is the most desirable element to possess.

It is crucial that you learn to live your life and do your work with a certain attitude -- an attitude of adoration of the Divine. Then you will gradually come to do every act not for your ego-self but for the sake of the Divine.

Learn to love Divinity in everything -- everything -- you do. Little by little, convert your entire earthly existence into an inner mood of constant worship.

As you progress in this, you will in effect become a more godly person of wisdom, united with the supreme. This high state should be achieved while you are fully active and effective in the world.

Essential Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, Ancient Truths for Our Modern World. p64
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See Mother India - Bharat Mata

What we need are more people who specialize in the impossible.
[Theodore Roethke]

God is love

I find no heresy here. But Annalee Skarin has been suspect, persona non grata, with the officialdom of the Church. She has been called metaphysical, a mystic, a New Ager, a spiritualist, a New Thought pioneer. Her name has been connected with both Spiritualism and the Occult.

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