When they took God out of the schools - violence and drugs slipped in

Clarence Thomas
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When they took God out of the schools,
violence and drugs crept in

Mr. Justice Clarence Thomas - Monsanto Controversy
Clarence Thomas and wife Virginia
Justice Clarence Thomas and wife Ginni (a star of the Tea Party movement)

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Justice rules in favor of Monsanto

A New Era for Black Leadership

By Clarence Thomas
U.S. Supreme Court Justice

African Americans and the Conservative Philosophy

Much has been said about blacks and conservatism. Those on the Left smugly assume blacks are monolithic and will by force of circumstances always huddle to the left of the political spectrum. The political Right watches this herd mentality in action, concedes that blacks are monolithic, picks up a few dissidents, and wistfully shrugs at the seemingly unbreakable hold of the liberal Left on black Americans. But even in the face of this, a few dissidents like Thomas Sowell and J.A. Parker stand steadfast, refusing to give in to the cult mentality and childish obedience that hypnotize black Americans into a mindless political trance. I admire them, and only wish I had a fraction of their courage and strength.

Many pundits have come along in recent years, who claim an understanding of why so many blacks think right and vote left. They offer "the answer" to the problem of blacks failing to respond favorably to conservatism. I, for one, am not certain there is such a thing as "the answer." And, even if there is, I assure you I do not have it.

I have only my experiences and modest observations to offer. I was raised to survive under the totalitarianism of segregation, not only without the active assistance of government but with its active opposition. We were raised to survive in spite of the dark oppressive cloud of governmentally sanctioned bigotry. Self-sufficiency and spiritual and emotional security were tools to carve out and secure freedom. Those who attempt to capture the daily counseling, oversight, common sense, and vision of my grandparents in a governmental program are engaging in sheer folly. Government cannot develop individual responsibility, but it certainly can refrain from preventing or hindering the development of this responsibility.

Animosity from Other Blacks

I failed to realize [early in my conservative years] just how deep-seated the animosity of blacks toward black conservatives was. The dual labels of black Republicans and black conservatives drew rave reviews. Unfortunately the raving was at us, not for us. The reaction was negative, to be euphemistic, and generally hostile. Interestingly enough, however, our ideas themselves received very positive reactions, especially among the average working-class and middle-class black American who had no vested or proprietary interest in social policies that had dominated the political scene for the past 20 years. In fact, I was often amazed with the degree of acceptance. But as soon as "Republican" or "conservative" was injected into the conversation, there was a complete about-face. The ideas were okay. The Republicans and conservatives, especially the black ones, were not.

Our black counterparts on the Left and in the Democratic Party assured our alienation. Those of us who were identified as conservative were ignored at best. We were treated with disdain, regularly castigated, and mocked; and of course we could be accused of anything without recourse and with impunity. I find it intriguing that there has been a recent chorus of pleas by many of the same people who castigated us, for open-mindedness toward those black Democrats who have been accused of illegalities or improprieties. This open-mindedness was certainly not available when it came to accusing and attacking black conservatives, who merely had different ideas about what was good for black Americans and themselves.

Reckless Media

The flames were further fanned by the media. I often felt that the media assumed that, to be black, one had to espouse leftist ideas and Democratic politics. Any black who deviated from the ideological litany of requisites was an oddity and was to be cut from the herd and attacked. Hence, any disagreement we had with black Democrats or those on the Left was exaggerated. Our character and motives were impugned and challenged by the same reporters who supposedly were writing objective stories.

Unfortunately, it must have been apparent to the black liberals, and those on the Left that conservatives would not mount a positive (and I underscore positive) civil rights campaign. They were confident that our central civil rights concern would give them an easy victory since it was confined to affirmative action - that is, being against affirmative action. They were certain that we would not be champions of civil rights. Therefore, they had license to roam unfettered in this area claiming that we were against all that was good and just and holy, and that we were hell-bent on returning blacks to slavery. They could smirk at us black conservatives because they felt we had no real political or economic support.

GOP's Failure of Principle

But conservatives must open the door and lay out the welcome mat if there is ever going to be a chance of attracting black Americans. There need be no ideological concessions, just a major attitudinal change. Conservatives must show that they care. By caring I do not suggest or mean the phony caring and tear-jerking compassion being bandied out today. I, for one, do not see how the government can be compassionate and then only with their own money, their own property, or their own effort, not that of others.

According to our higher law tradition, men must acknowledge each other's freedom, and govern only by the consent of others. All our political institutions presuppose this truth. Natural law of this form is indispensable to decent politics. It is the barrier against the "abolition of man" that C.S. Lewis warned about in his short modern classic.

This approach allows us to reassert the primacy of the individual, and establishes our inherent equality as a God-given right. This inherent equality is the basis for aggressive enforcement of civil rights laws and equal employment opportunity laws designed to protect individual rights. Indeed, defending the individual under these laws should be the hallmark of conservatism rather than its Achilles' heel. And in no way should this be the issue of those who are antagonistic to individual rights and the proponents of a bigger, more intrusive government. Indeed, conservatives should be as adamant about freedom here at home as we are about freedom abroad. We should be at least as incensed about the totalitarianism of drug traffickers and criminals in poor neighborhoods as we are about totalitarianism in Eastern bloc countries. The primacy of individual rights demands that conservatives be the first to protect them.

Responsibilities of Freedom

But with the benefits of freedom come responsibilities. Conservatives should be no more timid about asserting the responsibilities of the individual than they should be about protecting individual rights.

The principled approach would, in my view, make it clear to blacks that conservatives are not hostile to their interests but aggressively supportive. This is particularly true to the extent that conservatives are now perceived as anti-civil rights. Unless it is clear that conservative principles protect all individuals, including blacks, there are no programs or arguments, no matter how brilliant, sensible, or logical, that will attract blacks to the conservative ranks. They may take the idea and run, but they will not stay and fraternize without a clear, principled message that they are welcome and well protected.

Conservative Gadget Ideas

I am of the view that black Americans will move inexorably and naturally toward conservatism when we stop discouraging them; when they are treated as a diverse group with differing interests; and when conservatives stand up for what they believe in rather than stand against blacks. This is not a prescription for success, but rather an assertion that black Americans know what they want, and it is not timidity and condescension. Nor do I believe gadget ideals such as enterprise zones are of any consequence when blacks who live in blighted areas know that crime, not lack of tax credits, is the problem.

Blacks are not stupid. And no matter how good an idea or proposal is, no one is going to give up the comfort of the leftist status quo as long as they view conservatives as antagonistic to their interests, and conservatives do little or nothing to dispel the perception. If blacks hate or fear conservatives, nothing we say will be heard.

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¡si fecisti nega!

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Jimmie Walker & Ann Coulter
Jimmie Walker & Ann Coulter

Obama-supporters having second thoughts?

Jimmie JJ Walker is just one of many gifted and professional African-Americans who applauded the profound progress represented by a black man elected to the highest office in the land. Like the Virginia Slim's ad campaign, America, you've come a long way, baby. But has President Obama bitten off more than he could chew? Has the Democratic Party's astounding success gone to their head, as they single-mindedly focus on Pelosi's (long-standing) pet project, monumental health-care overhaul (while ignoring just about everything else.

When former General Colin Powell, a conservative African American and Secretary of State in President Bush's first term, came out for candidate Obama shortly before the election, the political smart-talkers said it was bad news indeed for the McCain campaign (especially considering that Powell and McCain were known to be personal friends.) But then after Obama got off to his roaring start, pointed in a liberal direction, it was not too long before Powell felt obliged to say something.

Even though he had in the end supported Obama's election bid, Powell's new disclaimer seemed to remind the world of his Republican roots. After all, he still revered some rather firm conservative principles. He gave voice to some serious concerns about the lavish spending by Obama and the Democrats running Congress and the Senate. He clearly did not have a good feeling about the ambitious agenda President Obama apparently signed on to -- not least the obsessive over-arching focus on massive health care overhaul along left-liberal lines. True enough, liberals felt that had been out in the cold (politically) for so long. Now, perhaps, was their moment to shine.

This was not the first time Colin Powell has been right. The cartoonist joke after the 2006 defeat for the Republicans had President Bush, alone in the White House, bemoaning the fact he had not listened to Colin Powell. "If I only had listened to Powell ...." (instead of the hard right Republicans.)

Will Obama now find himself wishing, "If I only had listened to Powell ...." (instead of the far left Democrats.)

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FORGIVENESS is key - racial healing does occur

Pat Buchanan writes:

Neither Nixon nor Reagan ever supported segregation. Neither Nixon nor Reagan ever supported Jim Crow. As vice president, Nixon was a stronger backer of civil rights than Senators John F. Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson. His role in winning passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957 was lauded in a personal letter from Dr. Martin Luther King, who hailed Vice President Nixon's "assiduous labor and dauntless courage in seeking to make Civil Rights a reality."


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