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Robert Shepherd

My ideal
Beyers Naude
New Economics
Ancient Ethiopia
Uganda's black Jews
Nelson Mandela
Spiritual Africa
Desmond Tutu
Moses of Egypt
Biblical origins
The African calling
Changeless morality
Peter Firstbrook
Next Christendom
Black Woman
Brown Sistah
Obama Luo
KMT : Black Egypt
Our Mother
God and Country
Alexander Hamilton
Interracial Scandal (Wythe)
Black cowboys, Buffalo Soldiers
Our surprise political overlap
Religious Freedom
Our needless Civil War
Bubba Bill Clinton: blue-dog
Black Heroes in every war
Lincoln scandal
Robert E. Lee
The Witnesses
Mother Shipton
Are JW's a cult?
Religious toleration
A Quaker Meditation
Out of darkness, light
One Love : our needed spiritual
New World Coming
Pietism & the peace witness
Forbidden Love
Omen of the Dragon
Chinese religion
Ethical Atheist
Forgiving: when & how
Cleansing love
Prophetic Witness
Power of Adoration
Messiah : God or Man
Where Jews got the Bible
Abraham the Hanif
Interracial rape in America
Heroes against cancer
Mother's Day
Good Queen Bess
Hunting "witches"
Training husbands
Husbands who can't love
Links for Women
Smart Women
Sacred Feminine
Eve is to blame
Mariah Carey
Style Garden
Sexy feet
Looking sexy
High Heels
Heels "HEAL"
Soaring (sexually)
My Quaker forebears
Blacks and Friends
My Mother
The Dark Welsh
Liaison: Taye Diggs, Idina Menzel
Joy in Judaism
Studying Hebrew
Times of Mourning
The Good Book
The great prophet
Divine feminine
Jesus the Jew
Sojourn in Africa
Christian roots
Discipline Dilemma
If love must hurt
When suffering teaches us
Sentencing reform
strong meat
World Causes (amnesty?)
Taliban type Sharia strictness
Martyrs in our day
Islamic threat to local folk
Islam and the West are linked
Traditional morals vs western toleration
Causes, USA
CPS abuse
Child Abuse
Faith based controversy
Rosa Parks (formative days)
Hopeful economic rebound
Authoritarian Religion
Literacy (Margaret Douglas)
Someone Cared
Tribute to teachers
Defending Darwin
You shaped me
McGuffey: the Bible
U.S. Politics
Republican losses
Republicans newer - not better
When Bush was popular
RUSH the anti-Bush
Woman troubles for religious right
Extreme wage gap is wrong
Let's be friends (2008 to 2012)
Woman's forte: womanhood
Inscrutable Richard Nixon
O'Reilly lauds Obama
Sarah Palin spotlight
Sarah shines (bloggers)
Tea Party surprises
A 'Faith and Values' Democrat
Trayvon Martin - our youth need help
American Jews = often liberal
Authority is of God
Defending Bush 41
Alan Keyes
Clarence Thomas
Outside Link
Carolyn McCulley
Carolyn McCulley

get along?
can we all just get along?

Robert Shepherd
'Solo Masculinity'